One shocking stat proves why the Biden administration is such a disaster

Joe Biden’s presidency has been historically bad.

Each day a new crisis emerges.

And one shocking stat proves why the Biden administration is such a disaster.

There’s an old joke about academics with zero real-world experience who ponder, “It works in practice, but does it work in theory?”

Professors and other people who live off of the taxpayers are often disconnected from the behavior that drives the free market.

That’s why so many of their left-wing theories fail.

And these are the people that populate the Biden administration.

Joe Biden has appointed a shockingly small number of people who actually have experience in the business world where companies actually have to listen to consumers and give them what they want.

The Daily Wire reported that the “Biden administration is led by lawyers, academics, and community organizers — but few business leaders, a report from the Committee to Unleash Prosperity recently revealed. According to the conservative think tank, the top 68 individuals in the administration have spent an average of 2.4 years in the business world, with only one in eight boasting ‘extensive business experience.’ The median length of business experience for Biden officials is zero years.”

A median of zero means that at least slightly more than half of the administration has no experience; there are probably a handful that have a lot of experience that bring the average up to an embarrassing 2.4 years.

The Committee to Unleash Prosperity said in its report, “Surely we want our political class to have a diversity of backgrounds. We want lawyers, grassroots activists, those with political and policy experience, scientists, health experts, and academics with required specialties…But we also want people who have experience running large operations with hundreds and thousands of employees and who understand logistics.”

But that’s not what the Biden administration has.

This is a broader problem on the Left.

They have convinced themselves of their intellectual prowess and moral rectitude, so they refuse to abandon their theories even when they have proven ineffective.

For example, it was obvious to everyone except Biden and his cronies that excessive stimulus would lead to terrible inflation, and that’s where America is today.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said she did not see record-high inflation coming.

She could have if she had listened to people in business who are forced to respond to the behavior of the federal government.

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