One RINO torpedoed his career by supporting a ridiculous gun grabber bill

The D.C. Swamp just gets worse and worse.

Donald Trump attempted to clean it up, and his entire presidency was undermined by the Russiagate hoax.

Now one RINO torpedoed his career by supporting a ridiculous gun grabber bill.

Perhaps Donald Trump’s greatest achievement as president was exposing the forces working against the American people, including RINOs who consistently sell out their voters.

And Texas Senator John Cornyn did exactly that as he patted himself on the back by negotiating a new gun control bill.

Democrats have been screeching for gun control in the wake of the horrific shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde.

But the response to the Democrats’ hysterical gun control proposals is not surrender.

Cornyn was booed mercilessly at the Republican Party of Texas Platform convention prior to the announcement.

Yet he was undeterred and he has pushed ahead with the legislation.

The senators on board with the legislation tried to ram through the 80-page bill before any of their colleagues had a chance to read it.

The bill includes increased state funding for red-flag laws, which allow for infringement on Second Amendment rights based on the word of a family member, neighbor, etc…

Law enforcement is then allowed to search the gun owner’s home and confiscate his weapons.

If the owner wants them back, he or she has to pay for an attorney to argue in court.

Tucker Carlson ripped Cornyn and other Republican supporters of the bill, saying, “Now, many Republican senators such as Joni Ernst and Shelly Capito are reportedly voting yes on the bill. Hard to believe that’s true but apparently it is. Senator John Cornyn, the lead Republican negotiator who’s gone far-left in recent years, is currently celebrating on the Senate floor because, again, only Ukrainians are allowed to have guns. Cornyn was just seen shaking hands with Chuck Schumer. Is he representing the folks of Texas? No.”

Moderate political commentator Tim Pool, who relocated his business to West Virginia, ripped Senator Capito, vowing to spend as much money as he could to make sure she loses her next election.

Republicans constantly sell out their constituents.

They serve the interests of the D.C. Swamp over their own voters.

And when voters try to fight back with movements like the Tea Party or candidates like Trump, they get co-opted or bombarded with fake accusations and impeachments.

Democrats are attempting to chip away at gun rights, and Republicans are helping them.

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