One researcher exposed the horrific thing happening to kids in schools and parents are furious

Radicals are crawling all over education.

They’re teaching fringe theories to children behind their parents’ backs.

And one researcher exposed the horrific thing happening to kids in schools and parents are furious.

Parents are beginning to understand that the neo-Marxist philosophy of Critical Race Theory is being implemented in their kids’ schools, but they’re not yet aware of radical gender theory.

Teachers are introducing kids as young as elementary school age to concepts of sexuality and gender without parental knowledge.

Dr. Debra Soh, an author and researcher in the field, believes the behavior is tantamount to “grooming.”

Soh wrote in the Washington Examiner:

Last week, it was reported that two California teachers allegedly coached a 12-year-old girl into a ” trans fluid” identity, calling the girl by a new name and using male pronouns without her parents’ knowledge or consent. After alerting the mother to the child’s new identity, the school called Child Protective Services on her because she referred to her daughter as “she.”

In a viral video , the mother confronted staff at a school board meeting, saying, “You took away my ability to parent my child. Even before I had any knowledge. I didn’t even get to show support. You ask for support, I didn’t get a chance. You planted seeds.”

Abigail Shrier, a colleague of Dr. Soh who wrote extensively on the topic in her book “Irreversible Damage,” raised awareness to a phenomenon known as rapid onset gender dysphoria.

Soh continued:

There is zero science supporting the concept of gender fluidity. Science does, however, support the existence of rapid-onset gender dysphoria, an epidemic of adolescent girls and young women who suddenly announce their desire to live as male or “nonbinary” despite having no previous history of gender dysphoria. In most cases, their decision stems from issues unrelated to gender identity, including sexual trauma, having an eating disorder, discomfort with their sexual orientation as a lesbian, or being on the autism spectrum. The idea that educators should “affirm” a child’s gender not only oversteps parental boundaries but is unscientific.

Sadly, this type of behavior from educators and administrators is not a one-off.

Parents have to be more vigilant than ever about what their kids are being taught.

Homeschooling has reached an eye-opening 11% in the wake of COVID, and there’s no reason to suggest the trend will reverse.

Schools are just the latest institution to lose the trust of the American people.

Soh added:

During the meeting , one father spoke of the “predatory tactics” being used to push teachers’ political activism, including seeking out children who are different and don’t fit in, giving them extra attention, and allowing them to “do things […] their parents weren’t particularly supportive of.” As someone who has worked with sexual offenders, these types of tactics sound eerily similar to grooming behaviors.

Radical leftists have convinced themselves of their moral superiority, so they feel justified in all of their extreme views, including wheedling kids into fringe identities and ideas about sex, sexuality, and gender.

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