One Republican Senator delivered an infuriating message on gun control that stabbed conservatives in the back

Democrats are making a hard push to take away guns.

They’re using the horrific shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde to do so.

And one Republican Senator delivered an infuriating message on gun control that stabbed conservatives in the back.

It’s quite clear that the Democrats want to take guns from law-abiding citizens.

But they can’t do it because of the Second Amendment.

That’s why they chip away at gun rights piecemeal and politicize tragic shootings to emotionally blackmail people into enacting their policies.

And sadly, some Republicans could be taking the bait.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, who’s retiring from the Senate this year, sounded as if there were Senators on the Right amenable to gun control legislation.

During an interview with Margaret Brennan on CBS’s Face the Nation, Toomey said, “I certainly hope we’re going to have an expansion of background checks . . . Senator Manchin and I have been working on this for a long time. And we’ve tried to establish that, at least for commercial sales of firearms, there ought to be a background check. So sales at gun shows, sales that are advertised over the Internet . . . We all agree that violent criminals and deranged dangerously mentally ill people shouldn’t have firearms. So we need a mechanism to increase the likelihood that will identify such a person and prevent them from buying a gun legally anyway.”

Toomey’s response makes no sense.

Background checks already exist for sales at gun shows and Internet shops – all federally licensed firearm dealers are required to conduct a background check.

Expanding background checks to private sales does next to nothing except punish law-abiding citizens.

Plus, the shooters in Buffalo and Uvalde passed background checks.

No law can substitute for cultural problems like family dysfunction and neglect.

Toomey continued, “[W]e’re still in discussions, and we are still trying to figure out exactly what mechanism is going to enable us to get the votes that we would need. So . . . I can’t be precise about that . . . But something in the space of expanding background checks . . . it certainly is on the table, and I hope it’ll be part of a final package.”

Capitulating to the Left is always a losing strategy.

The next time there is a horrifying mass shooting, the Democrats will again urge Congress to “do something,” meaning more gun control.

The plan is clearly to move in the direction of fascistic Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who introduced a plan to freeze all gun sales and enforce mandatory buybacks.

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