One Republican made a comment about Ron DeSantis Trump won’t like

The race for 2024 has already begun.

Donald Trump is positioning himself to be the Republican nominee again.

But one Republican made a comment about Ron DeSantis that Trump won’t like.

The tide could be turning within the Republican Party.

It appears that it’s no longer a guarantee that Trump is the leader of the party moving forward.

In the past, NeverTrump RINOs and neocon warmongers were the only ones ready to move on from Trump.

But now good Republicans who have long supported Trump’s America First policies are beginning to question whether or not Trump should be put on the fast track for the GOP nomination.

Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis, who’s one of the few members of Congress actually fighting for America First policies stunned Trump supporters when she said, “The question is: who is the current leader of the Republican Party? Oh, I know who it is: Ron DeSantis . . . Ron DeSantis is the leader of the Republican Party, whether he wants to be or not.”

The coronation of DeSantis by many Republicans came after the GOP racked up unprecedented wins in Florida.

DeSantis won re-election by nearly 20-points, effectively turning the purple state red.

Republicans also dominated down-ballot on his coattails.

The shift to DeSantis could be a sign that Trump is done and does not yet realize it.

But many Republican voters still strongly back Trump.

He has been through the fires and has proven that he can take the slings and arrows.

While DeSantis has had his fair share of hit pieces written about him, it has not risen to the level of Trump Derangement Syndrome witnessed over the past six years.

Trump clearly feels DeSantis breathing down his neck, which is why he fired a shot across the bow and called him “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

Trump added, “I don’t know if [DeSantis] is running. I think if he runs, he could hurt himself very badly . . . I really believe he could hurt himself badly. I think he would be making a mistake. I think the base would not like it – I don’t think it would be good for the party . . . If he runs, he runs . . . I would tell you things about him that won’t be very flattering – I know more about him than anybody – other than, perhaps, his wife.”

Regardless of what happens, it does not appear that Republicans will be rolling out the red carpet for Trump.

He will have to campaign in a more disciplined manner if he wants to lock up the non-diehard supporters.

As for DeSantis, this could be his moment.

If he attempts to wait until 2028, his window could be closed.

For the moment, it doesn’t appear he’s eager to dive headlong into another campaign, so Republican voters will have to wait and see.

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