One of Biden’s terrible policy decisions just took more money out of your pocket

Joe Biden’s Presidency has become a complete nightmare.

All of his acts as President have made the country less safe and less prosperous.

And one of Biden’s terrible policy decisions just took more money out of your pocket.

Joe Biden has been a disaster on multiple fronts.

His botched Afghanistan withdrawal cost the lives of 13 Marines, and he showed his level of concern when he checked his watch multiple times as their bodies were being transferred.

Biden exploded the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border by reversing all of Donald Trump’s effective policies.

And Biden has also caused the economy to go in the tank.

Biden and the Democrats have undercut the energy independence gained under the Trump administration due to natural gas production.

Now U.S. oil prices are the highest they have been in nearly a decade.

Biden left thousands of workers in Pennsylvania in the lurch when he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline project.

He also put a ban on new fracking projects.

The Democrats are moving in a green direction, and the consequences are higher gas prices for the average American.

The Democrats’ green agenda is their next major goal.

The communist fever dream known as the Green New Deal has become a central plank of the Democrat Party.

They want full control of the economy, and they need to fear-monger about global catastrophe if they aren’t allowed to seize absolute control.

Gas isn’t the only product that has become more expensive.

Inflation across the board is crushing American consumers.

It turns out that paying people not to work has significant consequences on the economy.

Companies across the country are experiencing worker shortages, which have led to supply chain issues and increased prices.

Many companies are offering signing bonuses – even for entry level retail jobs – and still can’t get people to work.

Democrats are perfectly fine with this arrangement.

They will continue to buy votes with rhetoric about taxing “the rich” when in fact the middle class and working class are actually being hurt the most.

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