One NBA owner went on Bill Maher’s podcast and just torched Silicon Valley in three words

Bill Maher is refusing to carry water for Democrats.

He’s willing to call out leftists for their nonsense.

And one NBA owner went on Maher’s podcast and just torched Silicon Valley in three words.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban did not pull any punches when he sat for an interview with comedian Bill Maher on his podcast Club Random.

Cuban took aim at the bad attitudes that permeate Big Tech.

Cuban told Maher, “I’ve never been a big San Francisco fan, at all . . . [It’s] pretentious as f*ck . . . The attitudes, I mean, it’s just like, ‘We’re tech bros. We’re tech bros. Of course we’re smarter. You know, we went to Harvard, we went to MIT, we’re in tech. You just can’t hang. You don’t know what the f*ck is going on.’ I do all I can not to let any of my investments work out of Silicon Valley.”

Maher agreed, adding that “just because you’re good at tech doesn’t mean you’re the smartest person in the world,” to which Cuban responded, “F*ck no.”

Maher continued, “Right, you’re good at that one thing, which is very important.”

Cuban interjected, “But they’re not even that good at it. They’re just there to pretend that they’re good at it . . . The pretentiousness and the attitude and the expectations and the arrogance. Like, it’s just a business . . . But I’d rather start a business in Dallas all day, every day. I will not do it in San Francisco.”

Considering scam artists like Elizabeth Holmes and Sam Bankman-Fried, Cuban has a point about some in tech not even being good at it.

At another point in the interview, Cuban ragged on California politics.

Cuban said, “Yeah, they do go a little bit overboard. I could not live here as a permanent resident just because the taxes and the regulation . . . [L]ook at what’s happening in San Francisco. An entire industry is getting pushed out. The whole technology industry went from, okay, this is the new thing and now, it’s just about people sh*tting on the street.”

Many companies are leaving Silicon Valley and finding homes in Austin and Miami.

California Democrats won’t be happy until they have completely killed all entrepreneurship in the state.

They believe they can be as radical as they want without suffering any repercussions.

But Cuban is making it clear that the reputational damage has already been done.

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