One Naval officer was fired after Joe Biden’s plan to seize control of the military goes into effect

Apparently, making it through boot camp is nothing compared to putting up with rules doled out by Joe Biden’s administration.

Now, it looks like the floodgates are opening as members of the United States military leave rather than put up with the President’s over intrusive policies.

And one Naval officer was fired after Joe Biden’s plan to seize control of the military goes into effect.

The Navy recently fired the Commander of a destroyer over his refusal to get the jab.

A Navy spokesman told Fox News that Commander Lucian Kins was “relieved of duty ‘due to loss of confidence’ in his ability to perform his duties.”

Other officials told the network that “Kins was fired because he refused the order to get the vaccine, or to comply with regular coronavirus testing.”

No doubt, regular testing on a ship is going to be super helpful.

What are they going to do, toss the infected overboard?

Also, if they didn’t have it before they boarded, who are they going to get it from?

The dolphins?

“Kins, who was denied a religious exemption but has appealed the decision, is the first naval officer to be relieved for not complying with the vaccine mandate,” according to the Associated Press.

According to the New York Post, thousands of US military members requested religious exemptions, but none have been approved.

Even as tensions increase around the world – as Biden’s “Democracy Summit” with world dictators illustrates – it looks likely the military is in the process of being weakened by a mandate that hasn’t stood up in court in any civilian form.

We now know 27 active-duty officers in the Air Force have been fired over their refusal to get the jab.

It seems likely we’ll see huge numbers of military members choose to jump ship – especially as we see the results the Presidential edict has on members of each state’s National Guard and Reserves programs.

It seems unlikely military members who have full-time jobs and are squeezing in training on weekends are going to appreciate getting pushed around unnecessarily.

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