One GOP Congressman put Joe Biden on notice with five words about Hunter that has all hell breaking loose

    The American people are starting to learn the truth about Hunter Biden’s shady overseas business dealings.

    Republicans are promising to launch a full investigation into Hunter Biden if they take back the House in November.

    And one GOP Congressman put Joe Biden on notice with five words about Hunter that has all hell breaking loose.

    The Midterm elections are coming up in less than 60 days.

    Republicans only need to flip one seat in the Senate to take back the majority and oust Chuck Schumer from power.

    And on the House side, Republicans need to flip five seats to fire Nancy Pelosi from her position as Speaker.

    Republicans promise investigations

    If Republicans succeed in taking back control of Congress this fall, it will turn Joe Biden into a lame duck President and crush any chances of passing his socialist agenda.

    But Republicans are promising to do much more than just stop the Democrats’ from turning America into a socialist nation.

    They’re also promising to launch investigations and get to the bottom of numerous scandals involving Joe Biden and his administration.

    Republicans are promising to investigate Anthony Fauci’s shameful conduct as well as his potential role in creating the pandemic by funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Lab.

    But the one investigation Joe Biden is worried the most about involves his son Hunter.

    And this is one investigation that Republicans members of the House and Senate are promising to pursue if they regain power this fall.

    Investigate Hunter Biden

    During a recent speech at the Eastern Shore Republican Women’s Club in Fairhope, Alabama, Representative Jerry Carl (R-AL) promised to make investigating Hunter Biden a top priority if Republicans take back Congress this fall.

    “I think the first thing you’re going to see is Hunter Biden investigated,” Carl said.

    Carl said there are numerous “positive things” the GOP has to “do in this country to get back on track,” but Hunter Biden must be investigated and held accountable for his potential criminal activity.

    “I want to be cautious,” Carl said. “I don’t want to spend the next two years hunting for ghosts. There are some positive things we’ve got to do in this country to get back on track, and investigating everything is not the answer in my mind.”

    “But we’ve got to get some answers on Hunter Biden,” he continued. “There’s no other option” and “I know Jim Jordan is already licking his chops,” he added.

    Carl then recounted a flight he took with Jim Jordan, who told him he had a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

    Some of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop have already been leaked to the public.

    But Carl said this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Hunter Biden’s potentially illegal activity.

    “You haven’t seen anything yet,” Carl said.

    “You haven’t seen the good stuff yet,” he continued, adding that “there has just been a steady leak.”

    Carl said in a GOP-led House, “Jim Jordan will take over that committee, and you will see a lot of eyes turn on that.”

    If Republicans win back the majority in November, investigating Joe Biden’s connection to Hunter Biden’s business deals will be a top priority.

    And this is something that keeps Joe Biden up late at night.

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