One former Obama official said something bone-chilling about the vaccine

The COVID regime now wants a pound of flesh.

Public officials are getting bolder with their draconian mandates.

And one former Obama official said something bone-chilling about the vaccine.

Democrats and public health officials have moved on from the “carrot” and are now wielding the “stick” against anyone who disobeys the COVID regime.

Juliette Kayyem, a former Department of Homeland Security official under Barack Obama, wants to accelerate the restrictions against the unvaccinated.

Kayyem appeared on CNN with Don Lemon and suggested police officers who refuse to get the jab should have their pensions taken away.

Kayyem said:

“The reason why . . . people have become more comfortable with [vaccination] mandates is because the unvaccinated listening to this false news basically just needed a push, a nudge, something to be taken away from them, and then they sort of weighed that faulty information against the desire to keep their jobs – or in the case of state police, their desire to keep their pension.”

Surveys show that roughly 40% of police officers in Los Angeles and San Diego would risk termination instead of getting the mandated vaccine.

The COVID regime is doing what is tantamount to ideological purges.

People with religious beliefs or simply an unwillingness to go along with everything the establishment says are being weeded out of the police and the military.

Kayyem added:

“I’ve gotten much more forceful about mandates once we hit the wall, once the administration hit a wall in terms of vaccination . . . I sort of stopped caring about anyone’s feelings. Like, I’m done with feelings . . . Like, you either get the vaccine and get to do all the things the vaccinated get to do, or you don’t and you don’t get to do all the things vaccinated do. And that’s essentially how our society is being structured.”

Kayyem clearly laid out the authoritarian mindset of the Left.

They don’t care what you think or feel – they will get their way no matter what.

Some celebrities are finally beginning to speak out against the COVID regime, but it’s going to take a lot more.

Australia could be right around the corner for America if the totalitarian mandates are not resisted.

Australia has tried the insane policy of COVID Zero, and the result has been a dystopian novel brought to life.

Politicos like Kayyem are constantly coming up with ways to roll back individual freedoms.

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