One electric vehicle catastrophe will send a chill down your spine

The Left have been relentlessly pushing green technology.

But they have not done an honest analysis of the consequences.

And one electric vehicle catastrophe will send a chill down your spine.

The international Left have made it clear that they want to eliminate fossil fuels as soon as possible, regardless how infeasible the plan may be.

The deep blue state of California is already pushing for gas-powered vehicles to be phased out entirely within the next decade.

But there are still many problems with electric vehicles, one of them being that the batteries burn incredibly hot.

And yet another vehicle recently burst into flames on the road.

The Daily Wire reported that a “Tesla exploded into flames on a Pennsylvania highway . . . and spewed toxic fumes from its lithium ion battery for a considerable amount of time because it took firefighters a significantly longer period of time to extinguish the fire compared to vehicles that use a standard combustion engine . . . The fire reportedly ignited after the family that was driving the car ran over a piece of debris that caused the car to catch on fire. No one was hurt as everyone was able to quickly get out of the vehicle.”

Not only do lithium ion batteries run hot and spew “toxic fumes,” it requires a considerable amount of fossil fuels to mine for the rare earth metals.

Morris Township Volunteer Fire Company #1 said in a statement, “As Engine Tanker 17 and Engine Tanker 19 arrived on scene it was quickly discovered that this was not your typical vehicle fire as crews quickly utilized just over 4,000 gallons of water. In total approximately 12,000 gallons of water was utilized . . . To give you an idea of the severity, crews can normally extinguish a fully involved vehicle fire with approximately 500 gallons or less . . . Due to the lithium ion battery on the vehicle, extinguishing this fire would require additional tankers as the vehicle would continue to reignite and burn fierce at times . . . In total it took crews nearly two hours of continually applying water on the vehicle as the battery would begin to reignite and hold high temperatures.”

While EV fires remain relatively rare for the time being, the problem is considerable enough that a municipality in Connecticut took its fleet of EV buses offline after a spontaneous fire.

The Left have gone all in on EVs because they want as much control over the economy as possible.

As witnessed during COVID, leftist politicians will exert control over people’s lives whenever the opportunity arises.

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