One detail about the horrific Uvalde shooting will have your stomach in knots

    The devastating massacre in Uvalde, Texas still has the nation in shock.

    Democrats predictably did not waste any time promoting their feckless gun control policies.

    But one detail about the horrific Uvalde shooting will have your stomach in knots.

    Americans are still reeling after a deranged killer murdered 19 elementary school children and two adults.

    Democrats believe that the obvious solution is to pass more gun laws.

    For example, many on the Left have called for universal background checks, but that would not have made any difference in Uvalde because the killer passed a background check from a federally licensed firearm dealer.

    Democrats don’t seem at all interested in identifying and stopping these killers with broken brains before they commit such horrific crimes.

    And it turns out that the FBI had been alerted to the potential danger of the shooter hours before he carried out the massacre.

    The Daily Mail reported that “a female gamer reported a fellow online player to the FBI after he threatened to ‘shoot up a school’ when he lost their game – just hours before 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos killed 21 people in a Texas school massacre. The woman, who has not been identified, was playing horror survival game Dead by Daylight – with four other people online where they are only known as their ‘gamer tag’ on Tuesday . . . [S]he became disturbed when she recorded a male gamer playing the ‘killer’ launching a furious tirade when he lost and ‘started saying they were going to shoot up a school’. The ‘killer’ even claimed they would use an AR-15. This is the same weapon Ramos used just a few hours later . . .”

    It’s almost become a cliché that killers like the Uvalde shooter were “known to law enforcement” well before they committed their crimes.

    The same applied in this instance.

    Not only was the FBI notified, but the police had allegedly been called to his residence for fights.

    He sliced his own face for no reason.

    He shot at random strangers with a BB gun.

    Even if Ramos had somehow been denied the right to possess a gun, he was a ticking time bomb.

    The Left doesn’t want to talk about what to do with someone like this if they can’t get a gun.

    The international Left likes to boast about Europe’s relative lack of gun crime, but they ignore the numerous van attacks of the last several years.

    It got so bad, concrete barriers were erected in various parts of European cities.

    There needs to be a substantive conversation about the consequences of societal breakdown, subversion of the nuclear family, demonization of religion and religious communities, over-prescription of psychotropic drugs, among other factors.

    But Democrats just want to talk about guns because the other issues are inconvenient.

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