One DeSantis challenger secretly tried to hide one “woke” message from voters

    Democrats are desperate to take out Ron DeSantis.

    He’s a strong governor who would wipe the floor with any Democrat in the 2024 election.

    And one DeSantis challenger secretly tried to hide a “woke” message from voters.

    Democrats can see Ron DeSantis coming from miles away.

    He’s the popular governor of an influential state, and the Democrats do not have a clear candidate to defeat him.

    But DeSantis still has an important gubernatorial election coming up this year.

    His top Democratic challenger is former governor Charlie Crist.

    In 2006, Crist was elected governor of Florida as a Republican, but he became an Independent in 2010, then finally a Democrat in 2012.

    Now that Crist is fully in the Democrat camp, he has to endorse all of the progressive talking points.

    Crist had a Pride Month-inspired page on his website, but on the Spanish language version of the site, there were no traces of LGBTQ+ Pride on the corresponding webpage.

    Hispanic voters tend to be more religious and traditional, so Crist is clearly attempting to hide his “wokeness” from potential voters.

    Cuban Americans, who are heavily represented in South Florida, also tend to vote Republican in higher proportion than latinos from other countries because their families fled communism in Cuba.

    Hispanic voters overall are trending more Republican lately, a development that has Democrats concerned.

    Far-left Hollywood actress Eva Longoria and billionaire investor George Soros are two of the money people behind a progressive project called the Latino Media Network, which recently purchased 18 Spanish-language radio stations.

    LMN is attempting to flood the airwaves with left-wing talking points to curb the trend of latinos moving to the right.

    Left-wing latinos are attempting to obscure the fact that the Democrats have begun to embrace more socialist policies and radical cultural changes.

    That’s why Crist’s Spanish language website isn’t trumpeting Pride paraphernalia.

    Corporations are playing the same disingenuous game.

    They have the Pride rainbow colors all over their brands and logos in the west, but they are conspicuously missing in the Middle East and many Asian countries.

    The Democrats have to hide what they really believe because they know it actually scares away voters.

    Dishonesty is baked into their messaging.

    They know wokeness is wildly unpopular, but they push it anyway because the radicals within the party are driving the bus for some ridiculous reason.

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