One damning admission about Kamala Harris is about to cost Democrats everything

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden is sticking with Kamala Harris on the 2024 ticket.

That decision has Democrats nervous.

And one damning admission about Kamala Harris is about to cost Democrats everything.

Polls show that Americans do not want Joe Biden to run for a second term because they know that Biden – at the age of 80 – is too old to carry out his duties as Commander-in-Chief.

But the only thing Americans fear more than the idea of Joe Biden serving as President until 86 is the idea of Kamala Harris sitting in the Oval Office for five minutes.

Kamala Harris has just a 39 percent approval rating that stems from her off-putting personality, bizarre verbal tics, and incompetent performance in office as Joe Biden’s border czar.

If Americans think they are really voting for Kamala Harris to be President because Joe Biden will retire shortly after winning reelection it will sink the Democrats’ chances in 2024.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre hinted that Harris was primed to take over by refusing to commit to Joe Biden serving a full four-year term if he wins reelection.

On CNN, left-wing commentator Van Jones made the explicit case that a vote for Joe Biden in 2024 was really a vote for Kamala Harris.

Jones made the unfortunate comparison to 1980 arguing that Joe Biden should run the “Rose Garden campaign” that Jimmy Carter executed along the way to losing a massive landslide to Ronald Reagan.

“I have known Kamala Harris for a long time. She did an extraordinary job as a DA in San Francisco, as the attorney general and as a senator. And I just think sometimes if the team never really gives you the ball and lets you shoot your shot, you might underestimate that player. I mean I think what you will see going forward is Joe Biden if he’s smart will run a Jimmy Carter Rose Garden campaign. He will let Kamala Harris go out there and do the blocking and tackling on the campaign trail. I expect people will become more and more impressed with her as she gets more and more opportunity. I don’t think she’s been given the opportunity in the last two years to shoot her shots.”

Jones then baselessly claimed that the more Americans saw of Harris on the campaign trail the more they would grow to like her.

“I think you will see her grow now that she has the opportunity. Everybody understands this is the oldest guy ever to run, so the VP matters a ton. She will be under more scrutiny, but I think she will also have more opportunity to prove herself,” Jones added.

In fact, the exact opposite is true.

The more Harris campaigned for President in 2020 the more even Democrats grew to dislike her.

Harris ended her campaign in November 2019 before a single vote was cast with her poll numbers and fundraising flatlining.

But in trying to pump up Harris, Jones explained why the Democrat ticket could be in big trouble next year since the election could hinge on America’s perception of how they think Harris could handle the job of being President.

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