One concerned parent was banned from the school library for an infuriating reason

Democrats are actively attempting to indoctrinate kids.

In 2020, their plans slowly began to get exposed.

Now one concerned parent was banned from the school library for an infuriating reason.

Virginia became ground zero in the battle between parents and far-left educators and administrators.

Parents were fed up with nonsensical COVID restrictions and radical curricula like the neo-Marxist philosophy of Critical Race Theory.

Parental concerns were a large part in propelling Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin over former Governor Terry McAuliffe in the gubernatorial race.

And one parent who was instrumental in exposing the radical insanity being taught in schools was just barred from entering her son’s school library.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“A Virginia mother has been barred from entering her son’s public high school library weeks after she addressed the county school board over the presence of pornographic books in the library . . . that . . . depicted sex between adult men and teenagers . . . Stacy Langton of Fairfax, Virginia, was informed by acting Principal Maureen Keck last week that she was not permitted to enter the library at Fairfax High School, after having checked out a book with her son earlier in the week.”

The school came up with a bogus reason to keep Langton out of the library because they were likely afraid of what else she might find inside.

Principal Keck manufactured an absurd excuse to bar Langton, and it blew up in her face.

The Examiner continued:

“Langton told the Washington Examiner that Keck called her to inform her that she was not permitted to enter the library, and when she pressed further, Keck claimed that it was a school policy and was indiscriminate and applied to all parents . . . In response to Langton’s request to see the policy, Keck sent her a school policy that was reviewed by the Washington Examiner and makes no mention of restricting parent access to the library. The policy makes no mention of restricting visitor access to parts of campus anywhere, provided all visitors sign in at the front entrance and obtain a visitor pass. Langton said that while she signed in, the machine that provides visitor passes was out of order and had been for weeks.”

It’s quite evident that Democrats don’t want parents having any say in their children’s education.

McAuliffe said as much during the campaign, and he paid dearly for it.

Democrats chose to activate parents, and now they will suffer the consequences.

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