One commentator made a shocking prediction about a Trump-Biden rematch

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are stuck in the low 40s.

Yet he says he’s running for President again in 2024 despite reluctance within his own party.

But one commentator made a shocking prediction about a Trump-Biden rematch.

Cartoonist Scott Adams became a pariah of the Left in 2016 when he expressed admiration for Donald Trump’s skill as a politician.

Adams, who’s also a trained hypnotist, has made a lot of predictions over the past six years, and some of them have come true, including a Trump victory in 2016.

Now Adams has another prediction about a hypothetical rematch between Joe Biden and Trump in 2024.

According to Adams, Trump is the only candidate who could beat Biden because Biden has fully embraced over-the-top fear-mongering that only Trump is equipped to overcome.

Adams wrote on Twitter, “Do you know how Republicans can play by the rules and still beat Biden’s fear-based persuasion about the ultra-MAGAs? They can’t. Fear is the top persuasion method. Trump is the only Republican who can bend reality enough to make Biden the scariest option. And he will.”

One Twitter user asked, “Can the High Ground used properly defeat fear persuasion?” to which Adams responded, “No. Only more fear can beat fear.”

Adams’s analysis is unorthodox and easy to dismiss considering Biden’s sagging approval numbers and his clear cognitive decline.

However, Biden was able to ride the Orange Man Bad wave into the White House with the help of the so-called “mainstream” media.

Adams expounded in a video message, saying, “There’s only one way you’re gonna beat Biden at this point because he’s taken a pure—I hate to say it, but he’s taken a pure ‘Trumpian’ approach, which is take the best persuasion you can take and just ride it hard. That’s what Trump did. He just picked the scariest stuff and he rode it hard, and it worked. So Biden’s doing the same thing. And he’s got that extra benefit of the media will back him and say that MAGA people are extremists and stuff like that.”

Biden has gone so far to call Trump and all the “MAGA Republicans” as “semi-fascists” who represent an existential threat to the country.

Whether or not Biden’s strategy will be effective, he has certainly gone full demagogue.

Adams continued, “ So here’s the only thing that will get you a Republican president: Trump as the candidate. Now I’m not saying I want him or don’t want him. I’m not saying he would be the best president or not the best. There’s a lot to be said for a DeSantis, a Tom Cotton. There are other people you could say, ‘Well, they’d be really serious candidates.’ But he’s the only one who will bend the rules enough, to scare you enough, to get you to vote. Nobody else is gonna scare you enough to get you off the couch. He’ll scare the f*ck out of you if you want him to. He’ll give you just what you need to get you off the couch. I don’t think anybody else could do it.”

Other Republicans certainly have a chance to defeat Biden – if he’s even the nominee – but Adams’s analysis shouldn’t be completely ignored because he’s been right in the past when people thought he was nuts.

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