One city is begging for police after this dangerous thing happened

The wounds from the radical Left’s reign of terror last summer are still fresh.

The corporate press still refuses to talk about it.

But one city is begging for police after this dangerous thing happened.

The tragic death of George Floyd caused protests across the country that quickly devolved into chaotic rioting and looting.

Instead of condemning the violence, Democrats and their comrades in the media cheered it on; Kamala Harris even encouraged protesters not to let up as members of her staff organized bail funds for rioters.

Dozens of deaths and $2 billion in property damage later, communities across the country are still reeling from the wreckage, Minneapolis in particular.

The city where the George Floyd riots began now looks like a bombed-out war zone, and citizens are anxious to have more police.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“The Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved $6.4 million in funding to hire dozens of police officers despite some council members and advocates in the city calling to defund the police department. The move comes after the city’s police department reported having only 638 officers available, which they said is about 200 fewer than usual. Many officers quit the department or have yet to return from extended leaves since the unrest and rioting in the city last summer, after the death of George Floyd while he was in police custody.”

This was the inevitable conclusion to the insane “defund the police” rhetoric coming from the “woke” Left.

The New York Times, NPR, and other outlets openly advocated for the idea of abolishing the police outright.

The progressive politicians didn’t bother to ask what their citizens wanted; a Gallup poll showed that 80% of black Americans wanted the same or more levels of police presence in their communities.

In 2020, Minneapolis experienced a 78% rise in the murder rate from 2019 (45 to 80), more than double the gunshot victims with a staggering total of 550, and over a 300% increase in carjackings.

Leftist policies do not work, but they keep getting rolled out.

People suffer and the politicians get to move on without consequence.

Hopefully Minneapolis and other cities that endured the carnage of 2020 will think twice about allowing “woke” politicians to turn their communities upside down.

Unfortunately, the Democrat machine is incredibly strong in these blue areas.

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