One candidate was attacked by a deranged leftist for a reason too shocking to believe

Democrats are somehow becoming even more radical.

They are actively attempting to criminalize dissent.

And one candidate was attacked by a deranged leftist for a reason too shocking to believe.

Virginia State Senate candidate Tina Ramirez is under assault from the Left in the most despicable way possible.

A blue-checkmark journalist named David Leavitt called Child Protective Services on her for having conservative opinions.

Ramirez tweeted, “Only women can get pregnant? Do I owe PayPal $2,500 now?”

The tweet was in response to the news that payment processing giant PayPal announced that it would fine users $2,500 for spreading “misinformation.”

The news was met with a deluge of backlash, and PayPal backtracked, saying that the policy announcement was made in error.

In all likelihood, PayPal threw out the policy as a trial balloon to see if they could get away with it.

The stock price of the company continues to drop like a rock as a result.

Nevertheless, Leavitt responded to Ramirez’s tweet by saying, “Why are you celebrating torture, rape, murder, and enslavement?”

The unhinged tweet was a reaction to Ramirez saying that she celebrated Columbus Day.

Democrats have rewritten Christopher Columbus as a genocidal monster, removing all historical context from his voyage to the West.

Now, Democrats celebrate Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day, yet they would be horrified to learn that those cultures were not “progressive” in the way that they have romanticized them.

They were replete with patriarchy and child sacrifice . . . although Democrats are not so much bothered by the latter.

Leavitt smeared Ramirez as racist, to which she replied, “Mighty bold and liberal of you to lecture a Hispanic mother with a black daughter on racism. What’s next? Are you going to lecture me on women’s rights?”

Leavitt then called CPS on Ramirez.

This is how unhinged Democrats have become.

They would try to take away your kids for celebrating Columbus Day.

Ramirez responded, “Tonight, [David Leavitt] called Child Protective Services to report ‘child abuse’ because I teach my daughter about Christopher Columbus and real American history. As a single mother, I am my daughter’s only support. This is appalling for a number of reasons. Radical leftist [Leavitt] didn’t just call CPS to level accusations against me. He waited an hour on hold, tying up the lines of our CPS professionals trying to help Virginia’s children. The radical left is willing to put our children at risk to cancel conservatives.”

Virginia became a flashpoint in the battle over parental rights, which is largely what propelled Republican Glenn Youngkin to victory in the Governor’s race.

Ramirez added, “It’s no surprise that a member of the radical left is willing to go so far as to call CPS on a single mother – simply because they want to erase history. The radical left doesn’t want parents making decisions for their own families. This goes back to what Virginians fought for in 2021 when they elected [Youngkin]: parent’s rights. The radical left is willing to sit on hold with CPS for a full hour to level accusations of child abuse – all because we don’t agree with their out-of-touch worldview.”

Democrats are clearly attempting to criminalize opinions that differ from theirs.

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