One bombshell email convicted Joe Biden in a major scandal and has everyone using this word

Joe Biden is getting hit with yet another October surprise.

This time Biden and the Democrats are scrambling to contain the damage on one of their biggest political vulnerabilities.

And one bombshell email convicted Joe Biden in a major scandal and has everyone using this word.

Back in the fall of 2021, Joe Biden’s border crisis exploded into a humanitarian disaster when 14,000 Haitian illegal aliens camped out under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

The low point of the debacle came when a left-wing activist seized on a picture of a Border Patrol agent on horseback to falsely claim he whipped Haitian illegal aliens crossing the border.

Joe Biden smeared the Border Patrol and ripped the agent for being racist.

“To see people treated like they did, horses barely running over, people being strapped — it’s outrageous,” Biden declared. “I promise you, those people will pay. There will be an investigation underway now, and there will be consequences. There will be consequences.”

But this whole episode was built on a lie.

The photograph clearly showed the Border Patrol agent holding the reins to his horse in his hand.

And the Biden administration knew that no illegal aliens were whipped.

A Department of Homeland Security official sent an email to the agency’s top leadership – including Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas – letting them know that the news photographer who took the picture said he never saw anyone getting whipped.

“But just hours after Biden made his inflammatory remarks to cameras, Marsha Espinosa, assistant secretary of DHS public affairs, emailed Mayorkas and cc’d other DHS leadership, alerting them to a news article that showed that the photographer who took the images did not see any whipping. In the email, Espinosa highlighted the comments from the photographer where he directly says he did not witness any whipping,” exclusively reported.

Even though Mayorkas knew the story of Border Patrol agents whipping illegal aliens was false, he amplified this Big Lie in his public comments where he compared the Border Patrol agents to plantation owners whipping slaves.

“Our nation saw horrifying images that do not reflect who we are. We know that those images painfully conjured up the worst elements of our nation’s ongoing battle against systemic racism,” Mayorkas declared.

“The images horrified us in terms of what they suggest and what they conjure up,” Mayorkas continued.

Mayorkas and Biden blatantly lying about the Border Patrol will only ramp up talk about impeaching them over the failure to secure the southern border.

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