One Biden excuse for his failing economy just went up in smoke

Joe Biden and the Democrats have fallen into constant damage control mode.

They have no big wins to tout, so they have to deflect blame for their failures.

And one Biden excuse for his failing economy just went up in smoke.

The Democrat Media Complex and the Biden administration never run out of excuses.

Someone else is always to blame for the Democrats’ failures.

Joe Biden and his cabinet members have constantly blamed Vladimir Putin for the state of the economy, parroting the tired “Putin’s price hike” line.

But the American people are not buying it.

According to a Rassumussen poll, only 11% of respondents believed that Putin was to blame for the high energy prices.

Former Barack Obama advisor David Axelrod made that point, but Biden and the Democrats did not listen.

Axelrod said, “Why not…just be blunt with people? … But then now they’ve over-corrected and so for a few days he was saying, you know, everything is ‘Putin’s price hikes. Inflation is Putin’s fault.’ People don’t believe that, either. They know that we had inflation before this. They know that gas prices were high before this. So they haven’t dialed this in quite right yet. You can’t blame everything in the economy on Putin.”

Biden sometimes pivots away from Putin and blames the oil company, but only 29% of respondents in the Rasmussen poll believed the “greedy” oil and natural gas companies were to blame.

A whopping 52% said Biden’s energy policies were to blame for the high cost of gas.

Worse yet for Biden, only 27% believe Biden is doing a good job on the economy; 57% believe Biden is doing a bad job.

Biden is trying to have it both ways.

He wants oil companies to pump more oil while he’s canceling pipelines, slow-walking paperwork through the regulatory process, banning fracking, and promising to eliminate fossil fuels.

Democrats fail to understand that their actions have consequences.

They are so accustomed to insulating themselves from the ramifications of their own ideology that they cannot fathom there is a price to be paid for their decisions.

But the voters have caught onto the con game and they’re poised to make the Democrats pay in the midterms.

Democrats are on pace to suffer historic losses come November, and no amount of finger-pointing at Putin is going to save them at this point.

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