One Biden blunder is driving away the voters he’s counting on

Democrats have been on a quest to turn Texas Blue.

Hispanic voters have been the key constituency they’ve counted on to get the job done.

But President Joe Biden’s handling – or lack thereof – of one issue in particular is sending Hispanic voters to the GOP.

Hispanic voters in TX are fleeing the Democrat party in droves and citing Joe Biden’s handling of the southern border crisis as their reason.

According to a new poll from the Dallas Morning News, only 32% of Texans support Biden’s immigration efforts and policies.

And worse of all for the President and his party, nearly half of Hispanic voters in the Lone Star State oppose Biden on this issue – compared to only 37% who approve.

Meanwhile, Texas Governor Gregg Abbot is getting glowing grades for his work.

The fact is, Gov. Abbott has a 52% approval rating on immigration and the southern border crisis.

That includes Abbott’s plans for the Long Horn state to pay to build a border wall.

The Washington Examiner’s Christopher Tremoglie points out, this issue is critically important to the hardworking men and women of Texas.

“Data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection revealed encounters with illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border reached the highest total ever in 2021,” Tremoglie writes. “There were 1,659,206 encounters last year, eclipsing the previous highs of 1,643,679 in 2000 and 1,615,844 in 1986. Moreover, 27% of all illegal immigrants encountered in 2021 were repeat offenders. This was slightly above the total in 2020 when it was 26%.”

While the rightward march of Hispanic voters started in earnest in 2018, a recent Wall Street Journal poll showed the Hispanic voting bloc quickly becoming a swing vote.

The poll showed in a generic Congressional ballot, Hispanics support Democrats and Republicans equally at 37% each — a far cry from the 60% support Democrats are accustomed to receiving from the Hispanic voting bloc.

President Biden’s approval rating among Hispanics in the poll was underwater at -12 points.

And in a hypothetical rematch between Biden and Trump, only a single point separated the two candidates.

Biden received support from 44% of Hispanic respondents, compared to Trump’s 43%.

That is the definition of a swing vote.

All of these facts pour cold water on what Never-Trump RINOs have been saying for years.

In the postmortem of election cycle after election cycle, the country-club wing of the GOP – featuring the likes of George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney and more — would tell anyone who listened that the party needed to cater its immigration policies to Hispanics by backing open-borders and amnesty.

And that without doing so, the GOP would become a permanent minority party.

It turns out, Republicans who back a strong socially conservative agenda, including a tough line on illegal immigration are the ones winning over Hispanic voters.

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