Once “proud” American singer Lee Greenwood humiliated himself with these embarrassing comments about guns

He used to be considered a conservative stalwart and patriotic American singer.

But he’s been missing in action for years.

Now this once “proud” American singer Lee Greenwood humiliated himself with these embarrassing comments about guns.

There was a time when every conservative group in the country wanted Lee Greenwood to sing at their gathering or convention.

After all, he was made famous by his song Proud to be an American and for years made no bones about his patriotism and defense of the Constitution.

Well, unfortunately, Greeenwood seems to have forgotten the men who died who gave those rights to him.

First, he backed out of speaking at the NRA convention after a lunatic carried out the horrible murder of children because it was in a gun free zone.

But that wasn’t enough for Greenwood.

He then said the NRA and other groups should reconsider their position on some gun issues.

That’s right, Mr. “Proud to be an American” wants Americans to reconsider the Constitution.

But, it got even worse.

Greenwood then went on Fox News where he not only showed his lack of patriotism but his ignorance as well.

It was on Fox where Greenwood began to unravel.

He started by explaining that in his estimation, loose gun laws and lackadaisical background carried much of the blame in Salvador Ramos, 18, obtaining the weapon he used to carry out the shooting.

But Greenwood wasn’t done.

He was on a roll.

“I don’t know who needs to have an automatic weapon, but if someone wants to cause mayhem and wants to kill me, finding a gun is not a problem,” Greenwood said. “You can’t stop somebody, but you could stop multiple killings – and that is the automatic weapons.”

Automatic weapons?

Sorry Mr. Greenwood, you’ve clearly been fed some fool’s gold.

There were no automatic weapons involved.

In fact, automatic weapons are not sold without federal licenses.

But the 80-year-old Greenwood wasn’t even done yet.

He then said we need background checks . . .

“Of course, background checks – you have to have extended background checks. And in my estimation, if an 18-year-old walked into a gun store, buys a rifle and a gun and 375 rounds of ammunition, I would like to know where he’s going with that. I’d question at depth what he’s going to do with that gun. Are you a hunter? Do you have a hunting license? You know, how is your family? You know, where are you going next week? I mean – just some casual conversation about that because that’s what they do at the border when immigration questions us when we come from another country. Where have you been? Have you been around diseases or – just a simple questioning might have prevented this guy from getting the weapon.”

Well Lee, we DO have background checks, and far more extensive than asking a few questions about someone’s family.

The fact is, we have hundreds of laws on the books.

More anti-gun laws are not the answer.

Maybe Lee Greenwood should stick to singing patriotic songs and trying to remember lyrics, you know, about freedom, and the Constitution.

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