Obama’s former doctor pointed out Biden “struggled” through his “embarrassing” press conference

Seeing Joe Biden struggle through a sentence is nothing new.

For years now, Biden has failed to speak off the cuff without stumbling over his words, being incapable of making any sense.

But Obama’s former doctor recently pointed out how troubling it was to see Biden struggle through an “embarrassing” press conference despite having his remarks prepared for him.

Much like he did during his campaign, Joe Biden has seemed content to hide from the media and the American people throughout his first two months in office.

Despite there still being a pandemic, and economic and immigration crises on his hands, Joe Biden held his first press conference just last week.

Throughout the press conference Biden stumbled over his words and even had trouble reading what appeared to be prewritten answers to reporters’ questions that also appeared to have been predetermined.

While Biden struggling to speak in a coherent manner is nothing new, the fact that he couldn’t even read statements off a piece of paper well has disturbed many Americans.

One of those who was concerned by Biden’s performance was Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician for Barack Obama.

Jackson, who is now a member of Congress, also served as the physician for George W. Bush and Donald Trump. 

After the press conference Jackson took to Twitter to point out that, in his judgement, Biden “struggled.”

On top of that, Jackson also took aim at the media who took part in what he dubbed an “embarrassing” press briefing.

Jackson went on to hypothetically ask how such a press conference – one with prepared answers and handpicked members of the media asking questions – would be viewed if it were Donald Trump behind the podium, rather than Joe Biden.

Jackson’s comments on Biden’s press conference wasn’t the only time in the past week he’s pointed out something is not right with the President either.

Earlier in the week, after Biden fell three times while walking up a single flight of stairs, Jackson said there are “major red flags,” especially with the way Biden seems to hide from the public.

While Republicans have for some time poked fun at Biden’s gaffes and issues with completing sentences, the fact that a medical professional with Jackson’s credibility having overseen the health and well-being of multiple Presidents is now pointing out there are “red flags,” should concern every American.

The Presidency is far too important, especially at this moment in history, for someone who could potentially have decreased mental and physical capacity sitting in the Oval Office.

Surely, the Left and the media will continue ignoring these issues and claim that it’s merely Republican propaganda.

But at some point, you can no longer ignore what’s right in your face.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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