Obama is furious at Tucker Carlson after he got one-upped in a huge way

Barack Obama is demanding relevancy. 

Despite his failure as President, he wants America to listen to him.

And Obama is furious at Tucker Carlson after he got one-upped in a huge way.

Barack Obama will go down among the worst Presidents in U.S. history, with Joe Biden likely being the only one on-track to beat him. 

But he is working with the liberal media to try to change that, even going so far as to claim accomplishments of President Donald Trump as his own. 

In this attempt to rewrite history, Obama appeared on CNN this week for an hour-long special with anchor Anderson Cooper. 

This interview was meant to be a win-win for both Obama and the fake news network.

CNN is bleeding viewership, with them failing to reach one million viewers for nearly a week in a row. 

They were hoping that Obama would be the big boost that they desperately needed, and Obama was hoping to use the appearance to regain some relevance. 

But on both fronts, the interview was a complete failure. 

While CNN did manage to break 1 million viewers, with Obama’s special bringing in 1.4 million viewers, they still failed big time.

While Obama’s special brought in 1.4 million viewers, the network was trounced in the same time-slot by Tucker Carlson, whose wildly popular Tucker Carlson Tonight show brought in twice the viewership with 2.97 million viewers.

Obama’s appearance wasn’t even that major of a boost for the network, considering “Anderson Cooper 360” had been averaging 895,000 viewers going into the hour-long special with the former President. 

Following the hour-long special, CNN’s Chris Cuomo was able to ride Cooper’s coattails, reaching 1.16 million viewers, yet still managed to trail in last place among the three major networks.

Cuomo’s time-slot was crushed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity, who brought in 2.74 million viewers, followed by MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, which had 2.38 million viewers. 

Obama’s CNN appearance was the first time in the month of June that the network managed to bring in over 1 million viewers. 

In May, the network failed to bring in at least a million viewers 13 out of 31 days.

This follows a troubling trend for CNN, with the network seeing a massive 70% drop in viewership since Trump left the White House in January. 

CNN is clearly in big trouble.

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