Not to be outdone by his brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo now has his own scandal

Sibling rivalries are a tale as old as time.

Since the days of Cain and Abel, siblings have competed with one another, always seeking to top the other’s accomplishments.

But CNN’s Chris Cuomo may have just taken sibling rivalry to a whole new level, as not to be outdone by his brother, Chris now has his own scandal on his hands.

Last year, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo, were adored by the Left and their allies in the Fake News Media.

Governor Cuomo made numerous appearances on his brother’s CNN primetime show to talk about the COVID-19 situation and push the false narrative that he was handling the pandemic better than any other Governor.

But all of the good PR that came from those appearances came crashing down recently thanks to the numerous scandals Governor Cuomo is now embroiled in.

First, there was Cuomo’s outright lies, and subsequent coverup, of the actual number of nursing home deaths caused by COVID in New York.

And now, Governor Cuomo seemingly has a new woman accusing him of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior every day.

Not to be outdone by his brother, though, CNN’s Chris Cuomo now finds himself alongside his brother in hot water thanks to a scandal of his own.

During a CNN broadcast with fellow host Don Lemon on Friday night, Chris Cuomo began to sing the theme song to Good Times, a CBS sitcom from the 1970’s that featured American TV’s first black two-parent family.

When Lemon asked Cuomo how he knew the words to Good Times, Cuomo responded by saying, “You know I’m black on the inside.”

While Lemon seemed amused by Cuomo’s comment, many others weren’t as generous.

“It’s f***ing offensive,” Aisha Staggers, managing editor of Sister2Sister magazine, said. “Black isn’t something you can just say you feel you are inside without having to deal with the racism that comes with being physically Black on the outside. This is cultural appropriation.”

“Black is not a costume, I don’t get to be white when I don’t feel like not dealing with racism or racist police or just regular bulls*** Black people deal with,” Staggers continued. “I can’t even hide at home because I can be killed there in my bed, so understand, there was nothing silly about this.”

Others took to social media to also blast Cuomo for his comments.


Even Megyn Kelly jumped into the fray, but set her sights on Lemon’s clear double standard.

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that Chris Cuomo has found himself in hot water either.

After his brother’s scandals as Governor came to light, Chris magically stopped praising or even talking about his brother.

CNN and Chris claimed that it would be a conflict of interest for him to cover his brother’s scandals, a clear contrast to when Chris was giving his brother nothing but praise as more Americans died in New York on his watch than any state other than the significantly larger California.

Clearly, after an entire year of being adored by the Left and media, the love for the Cuomo family has vanished.

With scandals mounting, the pressure on the Cuomo brothers increases every day as many call for both to resign immediately.

But judging by the arrogance both have displayed, they’re obviously not going to go down without a fight.

For now, we can just take solace in knowing that the Cuomo brothers have finally been exposed for who they truly are, and not who they were portrayed to be throughout 2020.

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