Nikki Haley’s plan to help the woke mob cancel conservatives instantly blew up in her face

South Carolina Governor Nikki R. Haley, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Nikki Haley took a massive misstep in the GOP Presidential Primary.

Haley was trying to consolidate the establishment support to defeat Donald Trump.

But Nikki Haley’s plan to help the woke mob cancel conservatives instantly blew up in her face.

Haley created a firestorm of controversy by announcing on Fox News she supported a scheme to impose a government mandate on social media companies to force all users to register their identity and post under their real name.

Liberal cancel mobs would use this information to bully conservatives on college campuses and force companies to fire anyone who dissented from the woke party line.

Anonymous political speech is a core American value going back to the creation of the country as John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison anonymously published The Federalist Papers to rally support for ratifying the U.S. Constitution.

Americans across the political spectrum were furious.

“I am still a million percent against government regulation of stuff like this,” conservative radio host Dana Loesch wrote. “It’s not a free speech position, and it’s not in keeping with the way our country was founded. […] It’s a bad argument.”

“Super messed up,” Elon Musk posted. “She can stop pretending to run for President now.”

Haley tried to walk back her demand to enact a government-mandated social media registration scheme by claiming she was fine with Americans posting anonymously, but that Big Tech should require identity verification for foreigners, which she said would eliminate bots.

“I don’t mind anonymous American people having free speech – what I don’t like is anonymous Russians and Chinese and Iranians having free speech,” Haley claimed.

But Haley never explained how social media companies would be able to tell which anonymous accounts were American and which were foreign.

Nikki Haley’s scheme to strip Americans of their First Amendment rights on day one of her Presidency confirmed that Haley is just another Big Government RINO in the mold of Mitt Romney, John McCain, and George Bush.

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