Nikki Haley has one secret partnership that she doesn’t want anyone to know about

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Nikki Haley is facing intensifying scrutiny as the establishment’s handpicked challenger to Donald Trump.

Haley’s not coming out for the better.

And Nikki Haley has one secret partnership that she doesn’t want anyone to know about.

Nikki Haley’s campaign isn’t making any bones about the fact it hoped to supercharge turnout among Democrats and left-leaning independents in the New Hampshire Primary.

A recent poll found that 44 percent of Haley’s supporters would cast a ballot for Joe Biden in the General Election.

Haley’s campaign also received a funding boost from Democrat Party megadonors like Reid Hoffman.

Campaigns can’t control who gives them money.

And they can’t help who wants to show up and vote.

But what a candidate can control is who works for them.

And Nikki Haley’s hiring decisions show her as a GOP candidate by, of, and for the Democrat Party.

Haley’s state director is a political operative named Tyler Clark.

Clark joined Preti Strategies in 2019 where he lobbied for a number of left-wing groups.

One of the leftist 501c(4) nonprofits Clark listed as a client was the Soros-funded Sixteen Thirty Fund, which took in millions to spend on voter turnout in the 2020 election.

“In 2020, Sixteen Thirty Fund raked in $390 million, with half of that staggering haul originating from four donors combined, one of whom transferred $86.2 million to Sixteen Thirty Fund. The Soros-led Open Society Foundations grantmaking network pumped roughly $17 million in 2020 into Sixteen Thirty Fund, according to OSF database records,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“In turn, Sixteen Thirty Fund shelled out $129 million that year to America Votes, a liberal voter registration group that used the funds to help ‘progressives across the country pivot to provide new and safe opportunities for voting during a deadly pandemic’ and support ‘national efforts to expand access to vote by mail and increase voter turnout in communities of color and among traditionally disenfranchised people,’ Sixteen Thirty Fund Executive Director Amy Kurtz said in 2021,” the Examiner also reported.

Clark also counted the New Hampshire chapter of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) as a client.

No one did more during the pandemic to close schools and inflict harm on children than the teacher’s unions who saw COVID as a chance for a massive power grab.

Nikki Haley isn’t just counting on Democrats to fund her campaign and cast a ballot for her.

Haley staffed her campaign with the Swamp’s operatives.

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