Newt Gingrich just took a jab at Joe Biden and it has got everyone talking

It’s not even two months into Joe Biden’s Presidency, and it is quite possibly even worse than many predicted it would be.

While it’s only 2021, questions regarding what’s in store for 2024 are swirling.

And Newt Gingrich just took a jab at Joe Biden, and it has got everyone talking.

The current crisis at the southern border is worse than most imagined. It is primarily due to Joe Biden tearing apart the policies Donald Trump put in place to secure the border.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich had something to say about President Biden during a recent interview on Fox & Friends.

Gingrich took a jab at the not-so-secret decline of Biden’s mental state, saying that Biden couldn’t even remember his Secretary of Defense’s name, so it would not surprise him if Biden was not even aware of the consequences of his open borders policies.

Biden signed a 100-day “pause” on almost all deportations, and his administration made it pretty clear to illegals that the border was open and that now was time they should enter America.

In the interview, Gingrich went on to warn viewers that these open borders policies the Biden administration is putting in place will tear apart the very “fabric of American society.”

Gingrich said Biden, who he called “detached from reality,” is laying out the “welcome mat” by signaling to the world that the United States is “open for illegal immigration.”

According to Gingrich, Biden’s policies could bring as many as 15 million illegals over the next four years.

“You can’t blame a father or a mother who wants their child to grow up here, rather than in poverty, but you can blame the American government for not being honest about the cost. This is going to be extraordinarily expensive, and it’s going to shake, I think, the fabric of American society. And . . . my guess is that in four years of the Harris-Biden administration, you’re going to actually see an enormous influx, probably in the neighborhood of 6 to 15 million people,” Gingrich stated.

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