Newly elected Republican made one statement that left voters furious

Republicans did not deliver on the prospect of a “red wave.”

They failed to reclaim the Senate and only won the House by a razor-thin margin.

And a newly elected Republican made one statement that left voters furious.

Republicans may already be feeling the sting of failing to win a healthy majority in the House of Representatives.

Since the GOP will only hold a three or four-vote spread, Democrats can cause trouble by peeling off a few moderate Republicans.

Current minority leader Kevin McCarthy is angling to be Speaker of the House, but he may not have the votes if more conservative members within the GOP choose not to vote for him.

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene endorsed McCarthy and warned that getting behind another candidate would allow the Democrats to determine the House Speaker.

And Nebraska Congressman Don Bacon, a moderate, already signaled that he’s willing to work with the Democrats.

Greene explained, “I’ve been urging my colleagues in House Freedom Caucus that it’s extremely important for us to unify and to support Kevin McCarthy with this thin majority . . . We’re at risk of allowing the Democrats to be able to elect the speaker of the House even if we have the majority.”

Greene also mentioned 20 of the 35 Republicans that voted to form the January 6 committee are back in Congress.

NBC News reported that “Greene has reason to worry about a scenario where a moderate Republican is potentially the speaker. Moderate GOP Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska told NBC News on Monday night that if the GOP Conference can’t agree on electing McCarthy or any other Republican as speaker on the House floor, then he would be willing to work with Democrats to elect a moderate Republican for the top post.”

Bacon said, “I will support Kevin McCarthy, but if we do get to that point, I do want the country to work and we need to govern. We can’t sit neutral; we can’t have total gridlock for two years.”

When asked if he would work with Democrats, Bacon answered, “Yes, but that’s assuming we can’t get to 218 beforehand.”

This is why Republicans were hoping to have a wave election so they wouldn’t have to work so hard to get things down.

With only a four or five-vote spread, Democrats can exert pressure on moderates to ram through their agenda.

The battle for GOP House Speaker is already a mess.

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