New poll shows if given a second chance some would vote very differently than they did in 2020

Given the continued failure of the Biden administration, one has to believe some voters might have buyer’s remorse.

Joe Biden continues to break promises he made to voters in fall of 2020.

And a new poll shows if given a second chance some would vote very differently than they did in 2020.

There’s a lot of people upset with Joe Biden and not just Republicans.

Biden continues to rack up the losses from Afghanistan to the economy.

And in a new Rasmussen survey, there are some voters who have buyer’s remorse.

The survey shows likely voters stating quite overwhelmingly that if given a second chance they’d pick Trump over Biden or Kamala Harris.

In a Trump-Biden election, Trump would win 51%-41% according to the report.

Even more shocking, Independent voters would overwhelmingly choose the Republican by 20 points.

If the election were between Donald Trump and Kamala Harris the survey showed Trump winning 52%-39%.

This is just the latest in dozens of surveys showing Biden sinking further and further down in approval ratings.

Many are growing more worried with Biden’s cognitive abilities and ability to stay in office long enough to run for reelection.

The Rasmussen poll also stated that more likely voters than not want Trump to run again.

There, however, was no indication in the report as to why voters have warmed up to Trump again, but most believe it’s due Biden’s abysmal first few months in office.

Many seem to be realizing that another term of Trump’s aggressive style might not have been so bad.

Joe Biden’s failed attempt to “build back better” is hurting not just him, but the Democrat Party as a whole.

Many Democrats in swing districts are getting increasingly nervous about keeping their seat safe come the 2022 midterm election.

It’s not clear yet, but Joe Biden could have a really tough time getting the ship back on course.

However, the alternative – Kamala Harris – has been in hiding for the last few weeks and has done nothing to help her political future since assuming the role of Vice President.

Democrats could have a rough road ahead over them.

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