NBC host Chuck Todd just gave the dumbest solution ever for how Joe Biden can bring down inflation

    Inflation is skyrocketing.

    Polls show it’s the most important issue facing voters this fall.

    And NBC host Chuck Todd just gave the dumbest solution ever for how Joe Biden can bring down inflation.

    Even though Joe Biden promised it would be temporary, inflation continues to skyrocket with no signs of coming down.

    One of the main areas where inflation is hurting Americans the most is the rising costs of food and groceries.

    Over the past 12 months, grocery prices have gone up 13.5 percent, with food prices increasing by 11.4 percent overall.

    According to polling data, 63 percent of American families with children are changing their eating habits, compared to 31 percent who are not.

    Seventy-two percent of families with children recorded paying more at the grocery store for items such as eggs, milk, butter, and bacon.

    With the Midterm elections only six weeks away, Joe Biden’s allies in the media offered him a solution to solving the inflation crisis – more illegal aliens.

    During Sunday’s edition of NBC’s Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd made the outrageous claim that “[illegal] immigrants crossing the border could actually be a solution to our inflation problem.”

    “Over the last few weeks, Republican Governors have been shipping asylum seekers to more liberal leaning Democratic enclaves – trying to send a message that they think migrants are a political problem for Democrats,” Todd began.

    “But in fact, the data shows us that more migrants could actually help solve one of the country’s most pressing problems,” Todd added.

    Todd failed to mention how the left-wing elites at Martha’s Vineyard flipped out and called in the National Guard over just 50 illegal aliens sent by DeSantis.

    Todd then brought up a board showing statistics about the economy and immigration.

    One of the numbers showed how the labor force participation rate in America is dropping.

    “They’re short 45,000 workers in Boston, they’re short under 400,000 in New York,” Todd said. “They’re short 170,000 in Washington, D.C., even Miami is short some 20,000 there,” Todd continued, suggesting that illegal aliens be sent there to fill the jobs.

    “These migrants could actually be helping our labor force problem, which would help our supply chain, which could help inflation,” Todd absurdly claimed.

    Of course, Todd’s solution is more than absurd.

    It’s just plain dumb.

    The supply chain problems are only a tiny fraction of the cause of inflation.

    Joe Biden and the Democrats’ trillions of dollars in socialist spending is the driving force behind skyrocketing inflation.

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