Nancy Pelosi’s authoritarian tactics are causing GOP mistrust of Capitol Hill Police

Most Republicans around the country ‘Back the Blue’ and respect the police.

But that is starting to change as police become enforcers for radical democrats and their unconstitutional mandates.

Now, Nancy Pelosi’s authoritarian tactics are causing major GOP mistrust of the Capitol Hill police.

The radical socialist cries to defund the police, led by Antifa terrorists, BLM thugs, and socialist politicians, rallied many Americans to the “Back the Blue” movement.

Especially when violence against police officers skyrocketed.

And especially among the most conservative, and most Republican, of Americans.

But now, that support seems to be waning as police around the country are finding themselves enforcing radical Democrat mandates and policies that Americans find abhorrent.

And with the recent Brown Shirt style tactics in Canada, many Americans are wondering if that’s what is next for the U.S.

Nowhere is this more evident than on Capitol Hill, where already the Capitol Hill Police have come under fire for their violent behavior and possible complicity on January 6.

But now, things are even worse, thanks to Nancy Pelosi and her heavy-handed, dictatorial control.

A number of recent incidents, from the installation of metal detectors outside the House floor to the questioning of a congressional staff member, have many GOP members of Congress questioning the tactics of the Capitol Hill Police.

And a growing number are feeling as if they are under police surveillance or being treated as suspects.

While those Republicans are pointing the finger at Pelosi and Democrat leadership, they are also casting blame on the Capitol Hill Police as well.

The prevailing theory is that the recent crackdowns on GOP congressmen and staffs are politically motivated in response to GOP calls to investigate the actions of both the Democrat leadership and Capitol Police on Jan. 6.

And some GOP members of Congress are taking action.

“Seemingly isolated incidents that have occurred across campus have greatly increased member hesitation and diminished trust in the leadership of Capitol security,” House Administration Committee ranking member Rodney Davis of Illinois, Republican Reps. Barry Loudermilk of Georgia and Bryan Steil of Wisconsin, wrote in a letter to Capitol Police Inspector General Michael Bolton about “erosion of trust.”

“Since January 6th, the Majority has politicized campus security, fomenting distrust among Republicans and raising doubts among members as to the unbiased, impartial security decisions being made around the Capitol complex,” they wrote.

And their mistrust and concern is well-founded.

Members of Congress must now go through metal detectors and get ‘wanded’ before going onto the House floor, to make sure they aren’t carrying a weapon, something that has never been done before.

Capitol Hill Police are also enforcing Pelosi’s mask mandate.

And recently, Texas Republican Congressman Troy Nehls said an officer entered his office and took photos of “confidential legislative products.”

The next Monday, Nehls said, “special agents dressed like construction workers” returned to his office and questioned a staff member about the contents of the photo.

In other words, Capitol Hill Police are now spying on members of congress!

And Politico reports that Capitol Hill Police are now scouring through social media of people who meet with members of congress.

These tactics have no place in the halls of congress, no place in a constitutional republic, and no place in the United States.

One can only hope the Capitol Hill Police change their ways before they are left to “back themselves.”

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates to this ongoing story.

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