Nancy Pelosi turned pale as a ghost after she saw this devastating report from CBS News

The clock is ticking for Nancy Pelosi.

Voters head to the polls in three weeks to select which Party they want to see in control of Congress.

And Nancy Pelosi turned pale as a ghost after she saw this devastating report from CBS News.

Democrats are defending razor-thin majorities in the November Midterm elections.

In the Senate, Republicans only need to flip one seat to take back the Upper Chamber and oust Chuck Schumer from power.

On the House side, Republicans need to flip five seats to regain the majority and remove Pelosi as Speaker.

Since Midterm elections have always served as a referendum on the President’s Party, Joe Biden’s string of failures are dragging down Democrats across the board.

Over the summer, Democrats thought they had regained the upper hand after polls showed a slight momentum boost for the Party and when Democrat Pat Ryan defeated Republican Marc Molinaro by four points in a Special Election in New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

But any momentum gained by the Democrats was short lived, as Republicans are now back leading in the generic ballot question.

“For two months the Democrats chipped away at the Republicans’ lead in the battle for House control, helped by motivated abortion-rights voters and what turned out to be fleeting glimmers of optimism about the economy,” CBS reported. “But that momentum has stalled, at least for now, and the Republicans’ House lead has stabilized today at 224 seats to the Democrats’ 211,” CBS continued, before adding that “the Republicans’ lead had shrunk in the two previous model runs of September and August.”

According to CBS, the tanking economy and skyrocketing inflation are the reason why Republicans are back leading in the generic ballot question.

Based on historical data, this is bad news for Democrats.

During the Tea Party wave of 2010, where the GOP picked up the largest victory in Midterm election history, Democrats led on the generic ballot question up until Election Day.

With three weeks left until the election, Republicans are leading Democrats in the generic ballot question.

Republicans picked up 63 seats in 2010 when Democrats were leading on the generic ballot.

The GOP only needs to flip five seats to take back the House.

And Nancy Pelosi is sweating bullets over the latest generic ballot poll.

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