Nancy Pelosi spitefully refused to allow this Congresswoman’s military officer son at her swearing-in

The political establishment in both parties are known for never letting a good crisis go to waste.

Throughout the past year, Democrats in particular have shown that they have no problem using COVID to advance their agenda while attacking their opponents by any means necessary.

And make no mistake, that’s exactly what Nancy Pelosi did recently when she spitefully refused to allow this Congresswoman’s military officer son at her swearing-in.

While most of the country was focused on the seemingly never ending debate over the rightful winner of the Presidential race, there were other races throughout the country that lacked a clear winner well into the new Congress.

Races in states like Georgia garnered the most attention, but there were also important races going on in areas like New York’s 22nd Congressional District.

The battle in that district saw incumbent Democrat Rep. Anthony Brindisi and conservative challenger Claudia Tenney locked in a months-long battle over who actually won the race.

Ultimately, after about three months and dozens of days in court, the New York Supreme Court ruled that Tenney had won the seat by just 109 votes.

And with that court decision, Tenney was finally set to be sworn into Congress this week, over a month after her colleagues.

Unlike her fellow members of Congress though, Tenney wasn’t allowed to bring her family with her, particularly her military officer son.

This week, Tenney told the Daily Caller that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi personally denied Tenney the opportunity to have her active duty Marine son attend her swearing in.

“I guess he’s considered a risk,” Tenney told the Daily Caller, while also saying there were multiple conversations with Pelosi and her staff about the matter, and the news was ultimately delivered through a “text from staff and in person.”

While other members of Congress were allowed to have one family member with them at their swearing-in just last month, Tenney’s request was denied without a reason given.

“We’ve asked repeatedly, can I just have my son in the gallery,” Tenney said, adding it was not like she requested him to be on the House floor. “There was no reason indicated.”

According to Tenney, there were “no discussions of COVID” as a reason he couldn’t attend, especially when her son manages COVID protocols routinely in the Marines.

“We just thought it was the least we could ask,” Tenney said.

One would think that Nancy Pelosi, as a self-proclaimed champion for women, would be able to put politics aside for a single mother who raised her son to be a graduate of the Naval Academy while also building her own career that brought her to Congress, but Pelosi obviously had other thoughts.

“I just would have loved to have my son with me. I raised him as a single parent,” Tenney said on Fox & Friends Friday. “We’ve been with each other, nothing greater day than his graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy, it was such an honor and now he is serving our country.”

Ultimately, her son waited patiently outside the door, unable to be there for his mother on a special day in both their lives.

“It was nice of him to take time out of his busy job serving our country to come and support me as I got sworn into the House,” Tenney said, while also noting that not having him in attendance was “very disappointing and we got no real answers as to why this was denied.”

“He was disappointed,” Rep. Tenney continued. “He just wanted to be there for me. We are very close.”

Clearly, Nancy Pelosi didn’t want to let this opportunity go to waste.

Allowing a single mother to be sworn-in to Congress with her military officer son by her side would be the image of a strong Republican woman Democrats have claimed does not exist.

It is utterly ridiculous for anyone to claim that having literally hundreds of family members all together for the original swearing-in wasn’t a risk, but having one Marine in attendance was a risk just one month later.

There have been many political decisions blamed on COVID over the past year, but this one could certainly be the most despicable.

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