Nancy Pelosi just leveraged a crisis to push through billions in unnecessary spending

The Democrats have been working behind closed doors to craft a bloated spending bill that is sure to cripple the already ailing U.S. economy.

Despite claiming victory over the pandemic, Joe Biden is still pushing increased funding for federal vaccine mandates.

And in a move straight out of the Democrat playbook, Nancy Pelosi is leveraging a crisis to push through billions in unnecessary spending.

While all eyes in America, and around the world, have been fixated on the horrors happening in Ukraine, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have been quietly drafting their latest socialist spending bill to fund the government past March 11th.

Undoubtedly, this bloated bill will increase funding for Biden’s federal vaccine mandates, the Left’s “America-last” energy policies, and other nefarious parts of the Democrats’ socialist agenda.

But with the Democrats holding razor-thin control over Congress, Pelosi’s puppets have had to settle on simple resolutions to keep government spending at current levels.

That was until Russia invaded Ukraine.

Now, they see a golden opportunity to tie Ukrainian aid to their latest socialist spending bill.

Which could be why Nancy Pelosi has become remarkably pro-Ukrainian in her public statements.

Just over the weekend, Pelosi said in a “Dear Colleague letter” saying, “The United States remains ironclad in our commitment to the Ukrainian people and in unity with our allies…American troops will not go to war in Ukraine — but our nation can provide military equipment and support our allies who are supplying airplanes to Ukraine.”

And last week, Pelosi shocked many across the political spectrum by encouraging the boycott of Russian oil.

While it is possible that Pelosi has been moved by what is happening to the people of Ukraine, it’s far more likely the politics of the situation are her motivation.

In light of these recent statements, public opinion, and her plan to tie aid to this spending bill, Pelosi is now able to spin this swampy spending bill as a Ukrainian relief bill and paint any Republican or Democrat who dares oppose it as a pawn of Putin.

It’s a brilliant and remarkably sleazy move and it is also likely the last best chance for Pelosi to pass a spending bill and ding Republicans before the Midterm elections.

Hopefully enough Members of Congress will be able to see through Pelosi’s play and force the Democrats to separate the Ukrainian aid from the spending bill, but then again no one’s ever accused Congress of being smart.

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