Nancy Pelosi just got the shock of her life from this top Republican

Speaker Pelosi has been running damage control since Joe Biden’s inauguration.

It’s only getting worse for her and her Leftist pals.

And Nancy Pelosi just got the shock of her life from this top Republican.

Pelosi thought she could get away with calling the shots in the Democrat Party since Joe Biden obviously struggles to string a sentence together.

For a while she got away with it as the fake news media covered up any scandal or blunder Biden committed in the first months of his presidency.

But the mistakes are adding up and her world is crumbling down.

Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan was just too big to keep under wraps – even for Big Tech and media elites.

In a matter of days, the Taliban seized control, leading to an embarrassingly slow evacuation from the Kabul airport.

And Joe Biden’s approval rating has plummeted since his fatal mistake.

But Nancy Pelosi, instead of joining the ranks of all sane Americans who have condemned Biden’s handling of the withdrawal, released a statement “commending” Biden “for the clarity of purpose of his statement on Afghanistan and the actions he has taken.”

That didn’t sit too well with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Speaking to Fox News, McCarthy lambasted the president and Pelosi’s unfounded praise for him, saying, “Not only are we less safe there, but we are also less safe in America today,” McCarthy stated.

“As you’ve reported, he’s opened our border.
Long before this collapse in Afghanistan, we have been catching people on the terrorist watch list coming across our border from Yemen.
Not on the same day either.”

McCarthy concluded: “What’s going to happen now where we’re watching ISIS grow again in Afghanistan, when 5,000 prisoners were released inside Afghanistan, when they now know where they can come to America?
We’re less than three weeks from the anniversary of 9/11 and this administration has put America in this position, this is unacceptable.

Nancy Pelosi needs to bring us back into session, bring up this bill, move this deadline and make sure every single American is able to leave Afghanistan.”

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