Nancy Pelosi fined Marjorie Taylor Greene $90,000 for the dumbest reason possible

The Washington, D.C. establishment has been out to silence Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene ever since she first stepped foot in Congress.

She’s been censored on social(ist) media. And like President Donald Trump, she’s also been permanently banned from Twitter.

While these attacks against Representative Greene are ridiculous, you’ll be floored when you hear what Nancy Pelosi has done to her and Pelosi’s pathetic justification for doing it.

For the “crime” of not wearing a useless mask on the floor of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi fined Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene tens of thousands of dollars.

In a recent Newsmax interview, Rep. Greene confirmed that Pelosi fined her nearly $90,000 for violating Pelosi’s mask mandate saying, “I take the fines on the House floor. I’m up to almost $90,000 in fines on the House floor because I believe as a representative, in order to represent the people, I have to be willing to do it myself. So, that’s why I don’t wear a mask. I’m just trying to fight the fight for the people who are against it.”

Representative Greene continued, “I think it’s obvious that the high amount of cases and how covid has continued in various shut down areas that masking doesn’t work. There’s studies that show that, as well as vaccinated people continuing to catch covid. That’s greatly concerning to me. I’m a big believer in life-saving treatments, and I would love to see that to be the track that we pursue instead of mandating masks and vaccines.”

What is truly reprehensible about these fines is the sheer hypocrisy of it all.

Nancy Pelosi herself was infamously filmed in a hair salon without wearing a mask, explicitly violating a local mask mandate.

Most recently Representative Eric Swalwell, a member of Pelosi’s Democrat leadership team, was caught in Florida not wearing a mask, despite his recent comments blaming conservative lawmakers for “prolonging the coronavirus pandemic.”

And one of the Democrats most vocal and recognizable members, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was also filmed maskless in Miami at a Drag Queen bar.

Before Speaker Nancy Pelosi issues any more fines for violating Congress’ mask mandate, perhaps she should policing her own caucus.

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