MSNBC viewers were floored when Joe Biden made one jaw-dropping confession about his old age

Joe Biden’s age is a concern for many Americans.

Until now, Biden has brushed off the concerns about his age.

That’s why MSNBC viewers were floored when Joe Biden made one jaw-dropping confession about his old age.

Joe Biden will be 82-years-old in 2024.

Biden is already suffering from severely declining mental and physical abilities, which are on full display each time he makes a public appearance.

Despite the concerns about his age and mental capabilities, Joe Biden still claims he is running for a second term in 2024.

On Sunday, Joe Biden appeared on MSNBC’s The Sunday Show to discuss the upcoming Midterm elections as well as the 2024 Presidential race.

Host Jonathan Capehart brought up his Aunt Gloria, who he said was Biden’s “biggest fan in 2020.”

“When I asked her if you should run for election, she still loves you, but she said she is not sure that you should, given your age,” Capehart said. “Her one caveat, if Donald Trump runs again, you absolutely have to run again,” he continued, before asking Biden “so let’s say Trump does not run again, convince Aunt Gloria that she should stick with you?”

Biden has previously said the reason he is running is because he is the only one who can defeat Trump.

But when asked to make a case for his reelection if Trump does not run, Biden surprised Capehart by admitting that “it’s a legitimate thing to be concerned about anyone’s age, including mine.”

Biden then encouraged Aunt Gloria to watch him closely and she will see he has a high “energy level” and a “passion” for the job.

“I think the best way to make the judgment is to, you know, watch me,” Biden said. “Am I slowing up?” he continued, before asking “do I have the same pace?”

Biden will regret asking Aunt Gloria to watch him in public to determine whether or not he’s mentally fit to serve as President for another term.

In the same interview with Capehart, Biden showed signs that he is deteriorating mentally by falling into a vegetative state, lowering his head, and looking clueless.

It was so bad that even Capehart had to make a loud noise and yell, “Mr. President,” to bring Biden back to reality.

If Aunt Gloria was watching the interview and took Biden’s advice, she most certainly now agrees with the majority of Americans who think he should step aside after this term.

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