MSNBC just launched a vicious attack on black Trump supporters that will infuriate you

Donald Trump brought in more black voters than any modern Republican President.

That fact infuriates the Left.

And MSNBC just launched a vicious attack on black Trump supporters that will infuriate you. 

More and more black voters move to the Republican Party every day.

They see just how crazy the Democrat Party has become, and realize that the Republican Party is the only major party that truly supports their values. 

Despite their reasoning being clear, the Left can’t understand why any black American would support the Republican Party.

It isn’t shocking that they’d think that way, considering they push the claim every single day that Republicans, particularly Donald Trump and his allies, are racists. 

MSNBC proved just how bigoted they are against black voters thinking for themselves in an MSNBC segment, where frequent guest Roland Martin went on a rant against black Republicans, specially naming a number, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece Alveda King.

Martin ranted, “And the real thing that really bothers me, Ali, is – and I got to go here to say it – I’m greatly disappointed in the actions of black people like Allen West – like Senator Tim Scott – like Alveda King – you run around talking about you’re the niece of Dr. King, but you say nothing. What’s even more egregious is that you have gutless black Republicans who know what they’re doing.”

He continued on to claim that black Republicans are embarrassing their ancestors, stating:

“What they’re doing is they’re embarrassing the elders – they’re embarrassing the ancestors – and they know what the Republican Party is doing, and they are cowards in that they’re not saying anything against this. They’re not doing what Colin Powell did in North Carolina when he (audio gap) the Republican Governor there. They’re not calling them out for what they’re doing. It is a direct assault on black and Latino voters.”

Martin was referring to voter integrity laws in states like Texas and Georgia.

These laws are largely meant to ensure that everybody who votes has to show their ID, and they also put safeguards in place to prevent ballot harvesting.

Polling shows that black voters support these measures.

But Democrats, claiming that many black people don’t know how to get IDs, claim that the laws are racist, even comparing them to Jim Crow laws. 

In reality, claiming that black people don’t know how to get IDs is a racist statement.

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