MSNBC is terrified that Alvin Bragg committed this massive failure

Screenshot via YouTube, Alvin Bragg

Democrats are counting on Soros-backed Prosecutor Alvin Bragg to put Donald Trump in jail before Election Day.

Jailing Trump may be Joe Biden’s only hope of victory.

And now MSNBC is terrified that Alvin Bragg committed this massive failure.

MSNBC panel panicked over Bragg case getting exposed as a sham

Alvin Bragg took four weeks to present his case to the jury.

Even after a parade of witnesses, Bragg’s normal allies on MSNBC were left to admit one brutal truth.

And that’s the fact that Bragg hasn’t presented any evidence that directly ties Donald Trump to the supposed falsification of business records that make up the 34 counts in Bragg’s indictment of Trump.

Former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill worried that all Bragg proved so far is that Donald Trump paid Michael Cohen, something no one disputes.

“I’m a little concerned about the fact that there’s so much emphasis on the payment being made and how the payment came about being made, and I think everyone has to always keep front of mind that the prosecutors have to prove the way they recorded these payments and hid them in the business records is really the key to a conviction in this case,” McCaskill declared.

Bragg is claiming that Trump paying his lawyer for legal services to negotiate a legal document amounted to a criminal conspiracy to steal the 2016 election because of how the Trump Organization labeled the payments in the company books.

This is a convoluted and preposterous case on the facts.

Democrats losing faith in Bragg

However, McCaskill was also forced to concede if you accept Bragg’s ridiculous theory of the case Bragg still hasn’t actually produced any evidence showing Trump didn’t know the payments weren’t actually for legal services. 

“And that while Trump signed all those checks, it’s a lot of circumstantial evidence. And sometimes, as Dan will tell you, a mountain full of circumstantial evidence is much better than one unreliable witness. So I do think the circumstantial evidence is significant here, but the direct evidence that Trump was fully aware that these payments were being hidden in a way that was fraudulent is a little light at this point. And I think the jury is going to wonder, where is Allen Weisselberg?” McCaskill added.

Congressman Dan Goldman (D-NY) said “technical aspects” of the case – such as proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Donald Trump actually committed a crime – didn’t matter.

“The technical aspects of the case do remain to be seen, but I think the critical thing here that they are really showing over and over and over, both for this trial and just generally, is that Donald Trump just doesn’t care about election law,” Goldman ranted.

As if this case wasn’t enough of a sham already, Goldman proved that was the case by trying to tie in the Russia collusion hoax.

“He does not care about campaign finance law. He welcomed Russian interference in 2016. He tried to hide the Stormy Daniels stuff because it came right on the heels of the ‘Access Hollywood.’ And he thought he was done. Everyone thought he was done. They’re doing a very effective job of showing that this man just simply doesn’t care about the law,” Goldman concluded.

Bragg can’t present any evidence of a crime because you can’t present proof of a crime that doesn’t exist.