Mitt Romney just joined Democrats to pull off one sickening betrayal

Mitt Romney may as well just register as a Democrat at this point.

Romney never defends the Republican position.

And now Mitt Romney just joined Democrats to pull off one sickening betrayal.

Former RINO Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is considering a run for the U.S. Senate to replace Mike Braun, who is retiring to run for Governor.

Democrats like Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper praised the idea of Daniels running for Senate.

“Maybe our success here the last couple of years is going to attract more Governors. The experience of being a Governor is directly applicable,” Hickenlooper stated. “I think [Daniels] is someone who is driven by a desire — almost a need — to serve.”

Hickenlooper praised Daniels as the type of RINO who would come into the Senate and vote like another Mitt Romney or Thom Tillis type of Republican who agrees with Democrats on everything.

“My guess is that he’ll look at it and think, ‘yeah, I was so cynical and hated it.’ He has great social skills. He’s a talented manager, obviously a very successful Governor, but he also is a visionary and is capable of bringing people together and building these constituencies around specific issues, which is what this building is all about,” Hickenlooper added.

Mitt Romney readily agreed with Hickenlooper by calling Daniels a “terrific candidate.”

It’s easy to see why Democrats and Romney would fall head over heels in love with a RINO like Daniels entering the Senate.

When Daniels served as Governor of Indiana, he called for unilateral Republican surrender in the culture war by saying the GOP needed a “truce” on social issues.

Of course, the Left would never honor such a truce.

That’s why what Daniels called for amounted to allowing the Left to groom minor children into transgenderism and teach Critical Race Theory in schools with no GOP pushback.

In an interview with Never Trumper Mona Charen, Daniels also agreed with Joe Biden that Trump supporters are enemies of the state attacking democracy.

“I’ve spent 10 years ducking questions like this,” Daniels responded when Charen pressed him on Joe Biden’s speech declaring Trump supporters “domestic terrorists”.

Daniels then said he agreed with Biden on the main topic.

 “I’ll just make no objections to the statements the President made. These are things that needed to be said. I think there are anti-democratic tendencies on both ends of the spectrum,”  Daniels added.

When Charen falsely claimed Trump supporters were “subverting democracy,” Daniels shot back with “completely agree.”

Mitch Daniels is exactly the type of RINO who Romney and Mitch McConnell want in the Senate because they know on all the major issues he will not lift a finger to fight the Democrats.

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