Mitt Romney is screwing over Republicans again with this ridiculous move

The Republican base is fed up with the establishment.

RINO’s like Mitt Romney have disappointed GOP voters one too many times.

Now, Romney is screwing over Republicans again with this ridiculous move.

Democrats are on track to lose control of the House of Representatives.

Republicans have their biggest lead ever at this stage of the election calendar in the generic Congressional ballot, and Democrats continue to lose popularity.

However, due to the 2022 Senate map, Democrats have a chance to hold onto the Senate, which is why Mitt Romney’s actions are so frustrating.

Romney refused to back Utah Senator Mike Lee in his primary against D.C. Swamp creature Evan McMullin.

McMullin changed his party affiliation from Republican to Independent before a piddling run for president in 2016.

McMullin is now attempting to unseat Lee in Utah, which would bring a smile to Chuck Schumer’s face.

McMullin, a former CIA intelligence officer, represents the deep state and the establishment, which is why he has received favorable coverage from the corporate press.

Many outlets have pointed out that McMullin thus far has raised more money than Lee so far in this election, although Lee has more in his coffers.

The Washington Post said that “Utah U.S. Senate candidate Evan McMullin isn’t a Democrat. But he’s very much a democrat — a strong believer in voting rights, the rule of law, respect for election results, a free and strong press, and other ideals that didn’t seem under threat until the emergence of Donald Trump. This is a promising approach for running in a red state.”

Lee is likely to win his re-election bid, but the Republicans have to waste resources in a race that should’ve been a formality.

That could be the difference in a razor-thin Senate race in a swing state.

The Senate is currently split 50-50 with Vice President Kamala Harris being the tiebreaker, so there isn’t a big margin for error.

Romney’s endorsement could have ended the race before it began by placating moderate voters who still like Romney for whatever reason.

Donald Trump was despised by the establishment, and the Republican base has not forgotten about the people that tried to undermine his presidency.

But there are still some establishment figures thrashing for relevance that still have institutional support and financial backing to give Republicans a headache in 2022.

Romney is reminding everyone exactly why he was such a disappointment in 2012.

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