Mitch McConnell is losing sleep over this one critical election that takes place next week

Final votes are still being tallied.

Right now it looks like control of the U.S. Senate will be determined by the outcome of the December runoff election between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker.

But Mitch McConnell is losing sleep over this one critical election that takes place next week.

First elected in 1985, Mitch McConnell is currently the longest-serving Senate Republican Leader in American history.

During his tenure as Republican Leader, McConnell has always blocked or watered down conservative legislation when the GOP held the majority.

He blocked America First legislation during Trump’s Presidency.

And when Republicans are in the minority, McConnell caves in and cuts deals with Democrats on their socialist agenda.

McConnell has essentially served as the Democrats’ 51st Senator during Joe Biden’s Presidency.

He caved in on raising the debt ceiling by refusing to use the reconciliation process to block Biden’s trillions of dollars in socialist spending.

McConnell cut a “deal” and allowed Democrats to pass hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate welfare bailouts, which ended with tax hikes and socialist Green New Deal spending by the time it reached Joe Biden’s desk.

And on the Second Amendment, McConnell ordered a few RINO Senators to cut a deal that allowed Democrats to ram through the largest gun control bill in recent history.

Despite his long history of stabbing conservatives in the back, Mitch McConnell has been unanimously elected to lead the Republican conference eight times since 2006.

However, that could change on Wednesday when Senate Republicans vote on McConnell’s leadership re-election.

Donald Trump called for McConnell to be replaced as Republican Leader several times over the past month after he pulled funds from America First candidates in battleground states.

And he recently told Glenn Beck that Republicans should choose Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) to replace McConnell.

“I think Rick Scott would be much better than McConnell,” he told Beck.

And in the Senate, Josh Hawley (R-MO) publicly said he will not vote for McConnell next week.

“I don’t imagine I will, no,” Hawley said when asked if he would support McConnell’s re-election.

No Republican has yet to announce plans to challenge McConnell for his position.

“I’m not sure if any other Senator will run or not,” Hawley said. “Nobody’s indicated they would,” he continued, before adding that “but my view is that we need new leadership in that position.”

Mitch McConnell is known to be ruthless as a leader.

Most Republicans are afraid to challenge McConnell.

But Josh Hawley publicly voicing his opposition could be the spark that ignites the fire that finally gets rid of McConnell as Republican Leader.

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