Mitch McConnell is biting his nails after what this GOP Senate candidate had to say

The United States Senate is deadlocked in a 50/50 tie, with only the tie breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris giving Democrats the majority.

Meanwhile, Mitch McConnel is hoping he’ll be promoted from Minority Leader to Majority Leader following the 2022 Midterm elections.

However, if this Swing State Senate GOP candidate wins his race, McConnell might not be so lucky.

Arizona’s two Senators currently are, one of the few remaining common-sense Democrats, Kyrsten Sinema and far-Left Mark Kelly.

While Sen. Sinema – who will surely face a primary from her Left – is safe until 2024, Sen. Kelly is up for re-election this November.

The incumbent has no Democrat primary opponent.

However, there is a highly-regarded class of candidates facing off in the GOP primary.

The Republican field includes Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Army veteran and businessman Jim Lamon, General Mick McGuire, and businessman and author Blake Masters.

Recently, Masters has surged in the polling, making it a three-man race, between him, Brnovich and Lamon – with McGuire in the low double-digits or high single-digits.

Masters’ recent polling bounce has been in large part attributed to his willingness to speak plainly and not mince words.

And he was at it again recently when asked if he would support Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for Majority Leader should Republicans surpass the 50–vote threshold following the upcoming elections.

“I only want to vote for a Majority Leader that’s serious about implementing an America First agenda,” Masters said to Lisa Boothe during her The Truth podcast. “And I don’t mind saying that straight to Mitch McConnell. If you want to call that Ultra-MAGA, if you want to call that populist, call it whatever you want. But we’re serious, and we are remaking the Republican Party.”

Masters says the leadership question comes up often while he’s on the campaign trail meeting Arizona voters.

“People say, ‘Blake, will you vote for Mitch McConnell?’ I’m honest with people, I say he might get another term, he probably will, if I had to guess,” Masters said. “I’m not sure anyone’s going to run against him. But I hope to be able to vote for a viable alternative.”

The outsider candidate did credit McConnell for his strong stance on judges, which – among other things – helped lead to a conservative majority of justices on the Supreme Court of the United States.

But he said he believes the GOP needs to go further, and he questions the senior Senator from Kentucky’s priorities.

Masters believes current Republican legislative leadership puts taxes above all else.

“I’m happy we got the tax cut, I like low taxes,” Masters said. “But while we should be the party of low taxes, we can’t JUST be the party of low taxes. If that’s all we have to offer, well, the progressive left is just going to crush us and they’re going to take over. And pretty soon, not only will we not have low taxes – because they’re going to just raise them sky-high – we’re not even going to have a country.”

Former President Donald Trump has yet to make an endorsement in the race, but has signaled one may be coming soon.

AG Brnovich has made some bold moves fighting against the Biden-created border crisis, gaining him large sums of support, something Trump has surely noticed.

Meanwhile Lamon has racked up a slew of pro-border security and tough-on-crime endorsements that boost his MAGA bonafides.

The GOP primary in Arizona taking place August 2.

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