Mitch McConnell got some sobering news that let him know it’s all over

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RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell built a career out of betraying the conservative base.

But now McConnell’s gone too far.

And Mitch McConnell got some sobering news that let him know it’s all over.

Last year, McConnell infuriated conservatives when he declared funding Joe Biden’s war in Ukraine was the GOP’s number one priority.

McConnell didn’t list securing the border, impeaching Joe Biden for corruption, bringing down inflation, getting a handle on the nation’s $33 trillion debt or ending the weaponization of the government against conservatives as the key agenda items for the GOP.

The Senate Minority Leader claimed supporting Joe Biden’s disastrous foreign policy was job number one for the GOP.

McConnell is going all in on the war in Ukraine colluding with Joe Biden to ram a $106 billion slush fund that includes $61 billion in taxpayer money for Ukraine through Congress.

At an event in his home state of Kentucky with the Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States, McConnell falsely claimed the war in Ukraine was connected to the Hamas attacks in Israel and a potential Communist Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

“This is a moment for swift and decisive action to prevent further loss of life, and to impose real consequences on the tyrants who have terrorized the people of Ukraine and of Israel. And right now, the Senate has a chance to produce supplemental assistance that will help us do exactly that,” McConnell declared. “Enemies abroad will be watching closely and waiting for America to falter. Only our concrete and credible support can deter our adversaries in the future and restore security.”

But conservatives are pushing back.

House Speaker Mike Johnson pushed a stand alone bill for aid to Israel, which McConnell and other Washington, D.C. Swamp Creatures fear would kill any chance of passing Ukraine funding if it’s not attached to the more popular provisions for Israel.

Senate conservatives backed Johnson’s plan and openly mocked McConnell for ignoring the growing opposition among GOP lawmakers and voters for a blank check to fund the war in Ukraine.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said McConnell’s support for Joe Biden’s slush fund showed how “out-of-touch with the conservative base of our party” the Senate Minority Leader really is.

Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson said Speaker Johnson (no relation) was the real leader of the GOP in Congress and it was time for Members of both Houses of Congress to rally behind him.

“We’ve got to realize that the Speaker of the Republican-controlled House is the leader of the party. He’s making some calls and we in the minority of the Senate ought to follow his lead and not undermine him,” Johnson stated.

Rumors continue to swirl around the Capitol that McConnell will retire before the end of his term is up in 2026.

The fact that Senate Republicans are now openly defying McConnell lends credence to the fact that it is indeed the case that McConnell is planning on heading for the exits.

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