Mike Pence’s shot at the White House may have just been grounded before it even got off the tarmac

All signs point to former Vice President Mike Pence making a run for the White House in 2024.

While the mild-mannered Pence was quiet for a bit after leaving his post as VP, in recent months, he has clearly been doing all the “right” things to gear up for a run.

But Mike Pence’s shot at the White House may have just been grounded before it even got off the tarmac.

At the recent Faith and Freedom Coalition Summit, the reception of former VP Mike Pence and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was so starkly different that even MSNBC’s liberal, Joe Scarborough, pointed it out during his show Morning Joe.

“I asked, I said, how was Pence received? And they said, ‘Well, here’s the deal. It was respectful. They know Mike Pence. They’ve loved him for 20 years. He got three standing ovations.’ But it was muted. He would have had 15 standing ovations last year. He’s had a long way to go, right? But then, this one person said, ‘But my God, you should have seen the response for Ron DeSantis. He was like a conquering king.’ And this person who’s been in Republican politics for 40, 45 years said, ‘I haven’t seen anything since Reagan in ‘80. He was unbelievable,” Scarborough stated.

Ron DeSantis’s star continues to rise in the GOP.

Conservatives just can’t get enough of the no-nonsense Governor.

Joe Scarborough went on to say what many have been thinking, Ron DeSantis looks like the new leader of the Republican Party.

“Ron DeSantis.  And I keep hearing this. Just Rockstar status. This guy is taking over the Republican Party,” Scarborough noted.

And it isn’t all smoke and mirrors by the GOP to try and find a new face of the party.

At the recent Western Conservative Summit, DeSantis scored a higher approval rating in the summit’s straw poll than Donald Trump.

Given Trump’s overwhelming popularity with most conservatives, that is a pretty big accomplishment for a relatively “new face” to the Republican Party, at least in terms of publicity.

There is no doubt DeSantis owes much of his popularity right now to his unapologetic handling of the tyrannical COVID lockdowns.

The Governor not only resisted the lockdowns but also never imposed a mask mandate like so many other states did in the early days of the pandemic.

But that’s not all.

DeSantis continues to impress with his fight against Critical Race Theory and banning of biological boys in girls’ sports.

Of course, the left-wing media has tried to beat him down at every turn with lies, but he continues to fight back and win.

Many on the Right realize that any candidate that takes on the corporate-controlled, liberal media is sure to be popular.

No doubt 2024 is a long way away, but right now, it looks like DeSantis is poised to take the Republican Presidential nomination pretty easily.

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