Mike Pence is on the run after leaving Trump red with rage

The time of Mike Pence at Trump’s side may very well be at its end.

And Pence knows what’s about to go down is bad news.

That’s why Mike Pence is on the run after leaving Trump red with rage.

On January 6, both houses of Congress will meet for a joint session to certify the Electoral College results.

And without any Republican Senators’ objections, Vice President Mike Pence will make Joe Biden the official winner of the 2020 General Election and next President of the United States.

Now information has come out that Pence is planning to leave the country just hours after officially handing the Presidency over to Biden and his far-left administration.

POLITICO reports:

But Pence could dodge their ire by leaving Washington immediately for the Middle East and Europe. According to three U.S. officials familiar with the planning, the vice president is eyeing a foreign trip that would take him over-seas for nearly a week, starting on Jan. 6.

Though Pence aides declined to confirm details of the trip, which remains tentative, a U.S. government document seen by POLITICO shows the vice president is due to travel to Bahrain, Israel and Poland, with the possibility of more stops being added. A pre-advance team of Pence aides and other U.S. officials left earlier this week to visit the planned stops in preparation for the multi-country tour, which would be Pence’s first trip abroad since last January, when he traveled to Rome and Jerusalem on a whirlwind two-day sojourn.

Once Pence has made it official that Trump lost and hands the country over to Biden, he wants to get out of Dodge.

Pence knows he is about to play a key role in the Republican surrender to the single most contested election in the history of the country and doesn’t want Trump, his supporters, or the American people viewing him as the man who put the nail in the coffin on Trump’s 2020 election hopes.

So he is fleeing the country and the public eye as quick as he can.

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