Mike Lee is raking Biden over the coals for what he’s doing to American families

Make no mistake about it, Joe Biden is a failed President.

Most of his legislative agenda has been abandoned by Congress and there are crises occurring almost everywhere you look.

Thankfully, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) is holding Joe Biden accountable by bashing him for failing to address this key problem that’s hurting American families across the country.

America’s inflation problem is quickly escalating into another full-fledged crisis for the Biden-Harris Administration.

In less than one week’s time, we’ve seen gas prices skyrocket nearly 20 cents.

But sadly, our inflationary pains aren’t being felt just at the gas pump.

Earlier this week, Congress’ Joint Economic Committee, of which Sen. Lee is the ranking member, released a new report that detailed how American families are paying hundreds more each month because of inflation.

When asked about the report in an interview with Fox News Digital, Senator Lee responded by saying, “Inflation is costing Americans the most in Utah and the Mountain West. On average, American households are paying $385 more per month, but in some areas of the country, inflation is being felt even more acutely.”

And when he was asked about what might be causing prices to skyrocket, Senator Lee placed the blame right at Joe Biden’s feet.

Senator Lee continued by saying, “Families in Utah are facing costs upwards of $500 more per month due to the massive social spending agenda that President Biden doubled down on last night. Americans are hurting after a year of failed economic policies. Our country deserves better.”

Now, Joe Biden, the Democrats, and the Fake News Media will try to tell you our inflation pains are caused because of COVID or Russia’s war in Ukraine or supply chain issues.

But the truth of the matter is that it’s because of Congress’ inability to rein in Biden’s reckless spending.

And what’s been so frustrating, is that Joe Biden doesn’t appear to understand this simple economic fact.

That’s why the President is still desperately trying to pass multi-trillion-dollar spending bills that will inevitably cause inflation to go from bad to even worse.

Hopefully, Senator Lee will be able to convince enough Democrats, or at least Joe Manchin, to see the dangers of Biden’s reckless spending plans and thus save us from an impending economic disaster the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Carter Administration.

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