Michigan’s Attorney General may have relaxed a bit too much during a recent Michigan-Michigan State football game

In the world of social media and instant access to information celebrities, business tycoons and, especially the political elite, are learning they need to be a bit more careful with their actions.

These days the Left’s hypocritical behavior is on display for all the world to see in real time.

And the latest example comes from Michigan’s Attorney General who may have relaxed a bit too much during a recent Michigan-Michigan State football game.

Even politicians are human and, even they, cut loose every so often.

Of course, one would hope they were careful with their downtime given they are the ones making decisions that affect the average American’s everyday life.

But it looks like Michigan’s Attorney General might have taken her fun time a bit too far recently and is now paying the price via public humiliation.

Dana Nessel is the Democratic Attorney General in Michigan and she recently had a great time with some friends at a tailgate party before a college football game.

Unfortunately, her great time seems to be coming back to haunt her.

Nessel was recently forced to admit that she drank far too much alcohol on an empty stomach during the tailgate party last month and actually required assistance to leave the stadium.

Not a good look on an Attorney General.

In Nessel’s telling, she “thought it seemed like a good idea to eat two Bloody Mary’s, since as long as you put enough vegetables in them, it’s practically a salad. As it turned out, this was not a brilliant idea. Also, I might be a terrible bartender.”

“I laid low for a while, but my friends recommended that I leave so as to prevent me from vomiting on any of my constituents,” Nessel stated.

Good friends she has there, looking out for her constituents to not be vomited on.

Things most of us think we’ll never hear about politicians . . .

The AG says she left early and was assisted as she walked out of the stadium.

She also stated that a wheelchair was used to ensure she made it back to her car safely, and that she did not drive – there was a designated driver who took her home.

A wheelchair exit after two Bloody Marys seems a bit extreme.

Many are speculating that Nessel had far more than the two drinks she is claiming to have consumed on an empty stomach.

According to Nessel’s staff, it was recommended that she hire a crisis management company to help her navigate the situation, but she wanted to speak directly to her constituents.

Likely would have been better if Nessel embraced her position as Attorney General and abstained from heavy consumption of alcohol in public, but hindsight’s 20/20 they say.

Of course, many on the Left are applauding Nessel’s transparency.

However, had this been a Republican everyone knows they’d be burned at the stake.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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