Michelle Obama revealed one secret about Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration that caught everyone by surprise

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Michelle Obama launched a new podcast on Tuesday.

The former First Lady shared details from her personal life in the first episode.

And Michelle Obama revealed one secret about Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration that caught everyone by surprise.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is one of the most popular Democrats in the country.

After Barack Obama left the White House, Michelle Obama opened up publicly and shared intimate details with the public about her life as First Lady of the United States.

As part of a deal the Obama’s signed with Audible, Michelle Obama is launching a podcast series based on her recent book The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times.

In the first episode, Obama talked about how Trump’s 2017 inauguration triggered her to the point of “uncontrollable sobbing.” 

“When those doors shut, I cried for 30 minutes straight, uncontrollable sobbing, because that’s how much we were holding it together for eight years,” Obama said.

She pointed out how the White House had been “the only home our kids really knew” for the past eight years and they had to say “goodbye to the staff and all the people who helped to raise them.”

But it wasn’t the memories or the friends they were leaving that upset Michelle Obama the most.

It was the fact that Donald J. Trump was now the 45th President of the United States.

And Michelle Obama thought Trump had too many white people and “no diversity” and “no color on that stage.”

“There were tears, there was that emotion,” Obama said about the inaugural event. “But then to sit on that stage and watch the opposite of what we represented on display – there was no diversity, there was no color on that stage, there was no reflection of the broader sense of America.”

Even though he’s been out of the White House since January of 2021, the left-wing media and the Democrats continue to attack and smear Trump every day in the news.

Donald Trump clearly drives the Left insane.

And according to Michelle Obama, he also makes leftists break down into outbursts of “uncontrollable sobbing.”

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